Kingsway Real Estate Brokerage sells millions using Instapage landing pages for Facebook Ads

Kingsway Real Estate uses Instapage to deploy relevant post-click experiences that generate impressive real estate sales

Sold $9 million in real estate in 2 months

Sold $9 million in real estate in 2 months

spending only $250 total in Facebook ads

Generated $450,000 in sales

Generated $450,000 in sales

from $0.96 in ad spend over 4 hours



conversion rate earned

Kingsway Real Estate Brokerage
Name: Kingsway Real Estate Brokerage
Employees: 750
Location: Mississauga, Ontario

Kingsway Real Estate Brokerage is the fastest growing residential, commercial, and investment real estate brokerage in the Greater Toronto Area.


Maximize customer acquisition efforts

Business situation

Increased demand and ongoing scarcity have caused Toronto housing prices to rise by a staggering 30%; making the Toronto real estate market one of the most competitive and expensive in the world. In this market, it is not unusual for a property to go from listing to sale in a few hours. Kingsway Real Estate needed a post-click landing page solution that would allow them to build post-click landing pages quickly, seamlessly integrate with their lead management system, rapidly process those leads, then pass them to their agents.

Optimizing for better conversions

With the Instapage A/B testing feature, Kingsway Real Estate discovered that straight-forward language and message matching to their digital ads led to their highest conversion rates. By eliminating excessive information and narrowing the message, potential customers focused on the single call to action. After fully optimizing their post-click landing pages, Kingsway Real Estate’s conversion rate increased by 25%.

Integrations streamline lead process

Kingsway Real Estate also utilized the integrations available via Instapage to address the high volume of incoming leads. Integrating with Zapier, MailChimp, and other marketing automation tools enabled them to build a fully automated marketing funnel that quickly and efficiently processed high-quality leads and enabled the real estate agents to turn around sales quickly. With this process in place, Kingsway Real Estate has saved 3-4 hours in creation and lead processing per post-click landing page.


In two months, Kingsway Real Estate has generated high quality leads with very low ad spend, resulting in substantial real estate sales:


The ratio between Kingsway Real Estate’s ad spend and the sales made have been massive, with a $1-2 Facebook ad generating a condominium sale for as high as $450,000. Kingsway Real Estate leveraged the Instapage optimization capabilities and the solution’s integration partners to build marketing campaigns that have sold millions of dollars in real estate.

Instapage has allowed me to build post-click landing pages that are optimized and convert at an impressive rate. I’m generating these leads at such a low cost, and they resulted in huge sales for my client.

Seth Goyes* - Customer Acquisition Freelancer for Kingsway Real Estate


*Mr. Goyes is the CEO of The post-click landing page Dude and is also an Enterprise Customer.

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