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  • The Instapage Page Migration Service: How it Works & Complete Benefits

  • Search Engine Advertising: What is it, How Does it Work & the Main Benefits

  • We A/B Tested Our Homepage & Here are the Results

Instapage Updates

The Instapage Page Migration Service: How it Works & Complete Benefits

Often, the thought of adopting a new technology can be intimidating, no matter how alluring it may seem. You have to get …

A/B Split Testing

We A/B Tested Our Homepage & Here are the Results

At Instapage we talk about A/B testing a lot. And not just with landing pages either. We test our landing pages, AdWords …

Instapage Updates

How to Use Instablocks™ with the Instapage Collaboration Solution

With the release of Instablocks™, scaling landing page design is the easiest it’s ever been. It’s so …


The Instapage 2018 Events Calendar: Where to Find Us & Learn More

Instapage is on a mission to scale post-click optimization and make digital advertising better for everyone. To do that, …

Instapage Updates

The Redesigned Instapage Dashboard: Q&A with Product Manager Yon Xiao

Over the past two years, we’ve made some significant designer enhancements to the Instapage builder. To name a few: …

Instapage Updates

Breaking: We’re Partnering with Google to Create AMP Landing Pages

Google wants to provide its users the best possible experience at all times. Conversely, users expect their content to load …

Instapage Updates

The Mobile Landing Page Report: How Conversion Rates Vary by Ad Budgets

What could you do with a bigger budget? If you’re a digital advertiser, chances are you’ve wondered at some …

Instapage Updates

Convert More Callers Into Customers: Call Tracking Integrations are Here!

Sometimes prospects and customers want a faster solution to their problem than a form submission can provide. Live chat is …

Instapage Updates

New Guide: Post-Click Optimization for Your Google Ad Stack

To accommodate the particular needs of any given campaign, convenient and efficient platforms have been developed to afford …

Instapage Updates

Introducing Instablocks™: A New Way to Create Landing Pages at Scale

Instapage is introducing a new way to create landing pages. That’s a big deal for us and our users because it will …