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Tips from the Pros: How to Personalize Emails to Get Your Highest Results

The Power of Market Segmentation & Why All Your Campaigns Need It

Make Your Paid Ads Perform Their Best with Google Responsive Search Ads


Maximizing Brand Exposure with the YouTube Masthead [Examples]

The YouTube Masthead is living proof that marketers are still taking advantage of outbound marketing tactics. A YouTube …


Mid Roll Ads: What are They & How Can You Use Them Most Effectively?

While watching videos on YouTube or Facebook, you likely came across mid roll ads at one point or another. Maybe you were …


The Post-Click Optimization Infographic for All Digital Marketers

It is an unfortunate reality that digital marketers don’t optimize the post-click stage in their online campaigns. If …


What is the AMP Validator and How Does it Work?

Digital marketing success revolves around providing a positive user experience, and when a page fails to load at lightning …


Post-Click Optimization Q&A with Instapage Founder, Tyson Quick

Digital marketers are well-versed in pre-click strategies to optimize their campaigns. PPC ad headlines, search ad …


What is Post-Click Optimization and How to Use it to Maximize Conversions

Digital advertisers continue to suffer massive losses every year — about 97% of marketing budgets go to waste because …


How to Write Your Best Facebook Ad Copy to Generate Click-Throughs & …

Digital marketers have heard it many times before: personalize your ads. Tailor them to fit your audience. Whether …


What is a Pre-Roll Ad & Why Should Marketers Use Them in Campaigns?

From the title above and this opening sentence, I’ve convinced you to continue reading this article. And that only …


AMP FAQ: 13 Questions with Instapage Product Manager, Kevin Yang

In May, we held a webinar to discuss the AMP landing page feature in Instapage and we learned that digital marketers are …


25 Key Advertising Metrics All Digital Marketers Should Track

Whether you’re running paid ads on Google and Facebook or creating email landing page campaigns, without collecting …

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