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A/B Split Testing

Multivariate Testing: How to Run the Best Tests for the Best Results

A/B testing is one of the easiest ways to find optimization ideas for your landing pages, but it’s not always the …

A/B Split Testing

6 Often Overlooked A/B Testing Ideas You May Not Have Tried

No matter how hard they tried, my parents could never stop my little brother from crashing his car into the contents of our …

A/B Split Testing

What is a Good Conversion Rate and 5 Ways You Can Get There

The answer to your question “What’s a good conversion rate?” is simpler than you think. Unfortunately, …

A/B Split Testing

How Closed Captioning Facebook Videos Can Improve Viewership

According to research from Facebook, there’s a chance nobody understands the videos you post to the social network. …

A/B Split Testing

5 Common Threats to Your A/B Test’s Validity

Bad news: That 30% conversion lift your latest A/B test produced? It’s probably not as high as you thought. In fact, …

A/B Split Testing

What is Split Testing? 8 Steps to Follow For Your Next Campaign

Marketers, salespeople, and professionals everywhere agree, one of the simplest ways to boost landing page conversion rate …

A/B Split Testing

5 Ways to A/B Test When You Have Low Site Traffic

Actor Maurice Chevalier once wisely said, “If you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and assured, it may …

A/B Split Testing

6 A/B Testing Myths: How This Misinformation Is Messing with Your Results

A/B testing is fun. It’s popular. It’s getting easier to do. However, if you’re doing A/B testing wrong, …

A/B Split Testing

9 A/B Testing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Mistakes are an unavoidable part of the learning process, but when making them costs your business money, they tend to …

A/B Split Testing

6 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When A/B Testing Landing Pages

When you look at some of the most circulated A/B tests on the internet, it’s easy to get hypnotized by dollar signs. …

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