Why Marketers Need Native A/B Testing

by Hunter Sunrise in A/B Split Testing

For marketers, conversion rate is a crucial metric of success, but it sometimes requires extensive experimentation to optimize. In pursuit of conversion rate optimization, nearly two-thirds of companies employ A/B testing to figure out which messaging works best for their landing pages.

Traditionally, you create two nearly identical versions of the campaign and send them both out to a small sample of your audience. After the testing period, you look at the data to see which version performed better. It seems straightforward, right? Unfortunately, manual or external A/B testing can be far from simple—or accurate.

In one survey of marketers, 70% of respondents said their A/B testing was successful only half the time. Marketers need native A/B testing because it allows them to build, learn, and improve in a continuous cycle. With native A/B testing, they can rely on Instapage’s features that enable that cycle, which makes it easy to create test variants. Instapage’s tools are much more efficient than doing all this legwork in an internal CMS. Simplified A/B testing is even more valuable for businesses with multiple audiences. Native A/B testing is the best way to optimize each landing page quickly and efficiently in the same place you build.

Are you using the right A/B test strategy?

A/B testing is a crucial part of any effective digital marketing campaign, but comprehensive analytics tools can make or break a successful A/B test. These tools enable A/B testing that is more sophisticated than standard methods.

  • Multivariate testing: This type of A/B test is more complex and involves simultaneously testing multiple elements on a single page. This approach helps redesign pages to have significant CRO, but often requires large amounts of traffic to accurately test all variables.
  • Server-side testing: This more technical type of A/B test involves testing changes to the server-side code rather than the client-side code. This method allows companies to test changes that are more complex than the user interfaces without affecting performance.
  • Native A/B testing: This type of A/B test allows you to test changes to your landing page all in one place, connecting your CRO efforts to your landing page creation process.

So, why should marketers use native A/B testing when running an experiment? Building your landing pages can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you don’t have the right tools. That’s where Instapage comes in. With our powerful landing page builder and built-in CRO tools, you can create high-converting pages without leaving our platform.

Consider these additional valuable reasons to try native A/B testing.

  • Efficiency: With native A/B testing, there’s no need to go through an external system or do it manually—you can test changes directly to your landing page, saving time and effort.
  • Accuracy: Native A/B testing provides more accurate results than other types of A/B testing, since a comprehensive dashboard can easily allow you to track your pages’ performance.
  • Flexibility: Native A/B testing allows you to test a wide range of changes, from minor tweaks to major redesigns.

Improve your testing with Instapage

A/B testing is a great way to optimize your conversion rate and increase ROI, but it can be tedious and challenging to manage if you are using an external system. At Instapage, we’ve seen what it takes to achieve success in this space, and we make it easy for customers to follow the path we’ve created.

Our tools let you connect CRO efforts to your landing page creation process and test changes to your landing page all in one place. Our years of expertise in results-focused advertising give us a firm grasp of our customers’ needs, and the tools and strategies we’ve developed give our clients an intuitive and flexible solution to build on for future success.

Instapage’s built-in features make native A/B testing easy and convenient by allowing you to make changes, see results and maximize conversions without compromising insights. The benefits of using Instapage for native A/B testing include:

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Simplifies the process of A/B testing
  • Provides insights that can help improve conversions

So why wait? Visualize, optimize, and deploy personalized campaigns from one easy-to-use platform, so you can achieve top-tier results and grow your business at any scale. Ready to get started? Begin your free trial today.

Hunter Sunrise

by Hunter Sunrise

As Chief Marketing Officer, Hunter’s day-to-day mission is to uncover opportunities for authentic connections and experiences. Using this lens, he has driven success across brand, content, omnichannel, GTM, and growth marketing initiatives for 20+ years.

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