Latest Instapage Product Updates: Heatmaps, Audit Log & Pricing

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Over the last year, we have focused almost exclusively on product updates for upgrading our platform by offering industry-first solutions like collaboration, advanced workspace permissions, and privacy. Introducing over a dozen advanced capabilities; among them custom code editing, SSL certificates, and alignment, grouping, and distribution. Moreover, we’ve added key integrations like Marketo, HubSpot, Zapier, Google and Adobe Typekit font library to our integrations ecosystem.

With these updates and new integration partners, we’ve further solidified ourselves as the most powerful post-click landing page platform for marketing teams and agencies. Today, it’s time to introduce two more product updates no other post-click landing page software offers: heatmaps and audit log.

Tune in below for the Facebook Live Q&A with CEO Tyson Quick and Sr. Director of Product Oliver Armstrong on these new features:

Product update #1: The Instapage Heatmap Visualizer

Heatmaps provide users detailed insights into customer behavior and how those visitors interact with their post-click landing pages. This better informs users on what page elements to A/B test.

The Instapage Heatmap Visualizer provides 3-in-1 tracking functionality — mouse movement, clicks, and scroll depth. Below are examples of each heatmap functionality.

Mouse movement

product update heatmap mouse movement


product update heatmap clicks

Scroll depth

product update heatmap scroll

The Instapage Heatmap Visualizer tracks insights on every single saved version you publish. To view your page’s heatmap, click “Preview” of the page variation, and turn on the heatmap toggle:
product update heatmap preview
product update heatmap toggle

Product update #2: Instapage Audit Log

The audit log provides teams and agencies a way to troubleshoot issues and manage account security by tracking account history, key user actions, and changes. To access the audit log, click on the user icon in the top right and scroll down to “Audit Log:”

product update audit log access

Once you do that, you will see a screen similar to this:
product update audit log

Product update #3: With great innovation, comes great new pricing

To offer customers the kinds of capabilities they will need most, and to ensure that they’re not paying for features they might not have a need for, we’ve restructured our pricing plans. The new system remains a three-tier structure that consists of our Core, Optimizer, and Team & Agency plans. With the new pricing structure customers can select the plan that suits them best based on business needs.

The Instapage Core Plan enables customers to create, stunning, on-brand, conversion-optimized, mobile-responsive post-click landing pages in minutes with the most intuitive post-click landing page builder — no code required.

Features included in the Core plan:

  • Pixel-perfect builder
  • Advanced design capabilities
  • 200+ templates
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics and reporting
  • 20+ integrations
  • Custom code editing
  • Google and Typekit fonts
  • SSL certificates
  • Email and live chat support

All Instapage Core features are available on all plans.

In addition to the core Instapage capabilities, the Optimizer Plan enables customers to offer a better post-ad-click experience with dynamic text replacement, gather deeper insights into visitor behavior with heatmaps, and create and run A/B split tests to optimize their post-click landing pages.

The Team & Agency Plan includes all Core and Optimizer capabilities. Customers can securely manage campaigns, clients, and teams with workspaces, track key user actions and changes with an audit log, and offer clients a personalized experience with branded email notifications.

For more details, register for this webinar.

Product update #4: Key features and benefits of heatmaps and audit log


Build higher converting post-click landing pages by understanding how visitors behave on your page. The Instapage heatmap feature provides 3-in-1 functionality — mouse movement, clicks, and scroll depth. If you know exactly where the majority of your visitors scroll, what they click, and where they move, you can optimize your post-click landing page to include more of these elements and eliminate items that aren’t attracting attention.

Audit log

The audit log allows administrators to track account history, key user actions, and changes. Administrators can track actions like pages created, deleted, transferred, published, and saved, leads downloaded and deleted, and more.

Understanding who’s taking action and what actions are being taken on your pages, workspaces, and account increases accountability and allows for smoother creation, collaboration, and publishing processes.

Issues and pain points: How these product updates solve them

Pain point #1:

Users want to get access to the latest and greatest Instapage features that have been released.


Instapage has released a number of industry-leading features over the last year. Including collaboration, workspace permissions and privacy, SSL certificates, alignment, grouping and distribution, and key integrations like Marketo, HubSpot, Zapier, Google Fonts, and Adobe Typekit.

By moving to the new, updated plans, you’ll get access to all of these features and have access to all future updates.

Pain point #2:

Users want more flexibility in the plans that are available and the ability to expand our capabilities with Instapage as we grow.


With the new, updated pricing, we separated out some of our specialized capabilities like optimization and team & agency features. The Core plan provides everything you need to get started with building mobile-responsive, conversion-optimized post-click landing pages in minutes.

Pain point #3:

Users need to understand the browsing behavior of visitors on post-click landing pages. How far are people scrolling, what elements get the most attention, and what elements get clicked the most?


The new heatmap feature provides you a visual representation of how users interact with your post-click landing page. Now you can see a heatmap of their activity complete with mouse movement, clicks, and scroll depth to understand which elements are drawing more interest.

Pain point #4:

Users who have a large team need to collaborate on post-click landing pages and need to track actions taken by users in our account.


The new audit log feature allows you to track account history, key user actions, and changes to troubleshoot issues and manage account security.

Pain point #5:

Users want to have a core set of features that are available in all plans.


With the new pricing structure, all plans will include all core, high-value features and services like custom code editing, Google and Typekit fonts, collaboration, and live chat.

Get even more insight on your post-click landing pages

Before today, the Instapage platform was already the most sophisticated and designer-friendly on the market. With the addition of heatmaps and audit log, the platform has strengthened its claim to this title as the most powerful post-click landing page builder. No other post-click landing page software can match our customization and design capabilities.

Current customers can select their new plan here and if you’d like to try Instapage, sign up for an Instapage Enterprise demo today.

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Global Blocks, heatmaps & more.

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