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FAQ: What You Need to Know About the Latest Product Updates

by Rosie Fan in Instapage Updates product update pricing

Note: Please keep in mind that these changes will not impact existing customers until August 2018.

In the last 12 months, the Instapage platform has been upgraded significantly. One might say, it has doubled in strength. We’ve added a significant variety and number of industry-first solutions like collaboration, advanced workspace permissions, and privacy along with over a dozen advanced capabilities; among them custom code editing, SSL certificates, and alignment, grouping, and distribution. Plus, we’ve added key integrations like Marketo, HubSpot, Zapier, Google and Adobe Typekit font library to our integrations ecosystem.

To offer customers the kinds of capabilities they will need most, and to ensure that they’re not paying for features they might not have a need for, we’ve restructured our pricing plans. The new system remains a three-tier structure that consists of our Core, Optimizer, and Team & Agency plans. The new pricing structure means customers can select the plan that suits them best based on business needs.

To help you understand how these pricing changes will impact your plan, we’ve put together an FAQ list. Also, please watch the Facebook Live Q&A below with CEO Tyson Quick and Sr. Director of Product Oliver Armstrong where they’ll be discussing these changes and what comes next.

What are the new Instapage plans?

The new plans are Core, Optimizer, and Team & Agency. Our Core plan provides all foundational features of Instapage (intuitive builder, 200+ mobile responsive templates, 20+ integrations, advanced analytics, advanced design capabilities, etc.) plus some great features that were previously unavailable. Such as:

  • Custom code editing
  • SSL certificates
  • Collaboration
  • Premium web fonts

What features come with the Optimizer plan?

Our Optimizer plan includes all Core features plus:

  • Unlimited A/B testing
  • Heatmaps
  • Dynamic text replacement

What features come with the Team & Agency plan?

Our Team & Agency plan includes everything in the Core and Optimizer plans plus:

  • 15 private workspaces
  • Branded email notifications
  • Audit log

If you don’t have an Instapage account or would like to know more about these new plans, visit this page for a complete breakdown and accompanying features. Current Instapage customers can sign in and upgrade their plan here.

Can I stay on my current plan?

Yes, you’re welcome to stay on your current plan. Based on your plan’s billing cycle, all plans will expire between August 1st and October 1st, 2018. Once your current plan expires, you will need to switch over to a new plan for your Instapage account to remain active.

Why should I switch to a new plan and how long do I have to decide?

By switching to a new plan, you’ll keep the features you already have. Plus, you’ll continue to get access to all of our newest updates like Heatmaps (Optimizer Plan) and Audit Log (Team & Agency Plan), for example.

Your original plan will continue to be honored, however, depending on your billing cycle, will expire between August 1st and October 1, 2018. At that time, you will need to switch over to a new plan for your Instapage account to remain active.

How do I switch to a new plan?

You can update to a new plan by clicking here, or by clicking on the “Update My Plan” button on the subscription page of your dashboard.

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What happens if I don’t update my plan by the expiration date?

Depending on your billing cycle, your plan will expire between August 1st and October 1, 2018. If you haven’t moved to a new plan by the expiration date of the current plans, your pages will be unpublished and you will lose access to your account’s content. (Note: Your current plan’s “expiration date” will be visible on your subscription page.)

Have additional questions?

We hope the above information helps clarify some common questions you may have. If you have additional questions regarding Instapage plans, please contact our support team. If you’re ready to start creating post-click landing pages, sign up for an Instapage Enterprise demo here.

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