The 15 Most Commonly Answered Questions by Instapage Customer Service

by Brandon Weaver in Instapage Updates

It wasn’t long into the conversation with VP of Customer Success, Marius Laza, that I realized that this guy knows everything there is to know not just about Instapage, but the entirety of digital marketing.

Marius fields questions from around the world that arrive over a variety of channels. The majority of the questions are from marketers who want to better understand post-click landing pages, why they’re important, and how to use Instapage more efficiently.

As head of customer success, Marius’ priorities are to check our daily statistics and make sure that customers can easily find the help center articles they are looking for and to keep our Knowledge Base up to date.

Over time, Marius and his team, have been asked all kinds of questions, some more frequently than others. Some not, like the time a customer asked how they could send a tip to one of our support agents for the awesome support they offered with an urgent problem.

During our conversation, I asked him to answer the top 15 questions that come across his desk.

BW: What is the best way to get traffic to my post-click landing page?

ML: There is no “best” way to get traffic. The important thing to remember is to get the right traffic.

We usually recommend Facebook Ads and Google Ads, but it really depends on your target audience. Is your audience mostly on social media? Do they respond better to email? What blogs and forums do they frequent?

There are also many ways to generate traffic (including free ones like these).

BW: How do I increase my conversion rate?

ML: This is by far the most common question we get on all of our support channels.

The answer is never straightforward, but I’m always happy to see this question because it means the customer already made the first step to improving their business.

We have a team of designers who offer conversion orientated template design tips, so our mantra is:

“Fix your design, double check your copy, focus on the call-to-action and make sure your marketing reflects all of this to tie everything together.”

BW: What’s the best post-click landing page template?

ML: This ties in with the conversion rate question as people are always looking for the fastest route to success. I wish there were a one size fits all template — but that’s not how it works in the real world. Fortunately, there are a few templates that fit certain industries better than others, and this is the perfect place to give A/B testing a try and see which one works best for you.


BW: Do I have too many variations?

ML: No. Next question.

I’m only half kidding because one of our internal sayings is “always be testing.”

You can have dozens of variations, and the one caveat is to make sure that you are generating enough traffic to go around — ideally thousands of visitors (or at least hundreds of visitors). Of course, you should pause underperforming variations as you go, so the number of active variations should be somewhat constant… out with the old, in with the new.

BW: Why should I bother A/B testing my page?

ML: Our mission is to lower the cost of customer acquisition and A/B testing is the easiest and most efficient way to improve your conversion rate and get more bang for your advertising buck. How will you know what your audience responds to if you don’t create different variations and monitor the results?

For a complete guide to A/B testing, check out the resource below or these 6 quick tests you can implement, today:

This picture shows marketers what A/B testing is, best practices, and how to do it in Instapage.

BW: What’s the point of integrating my page?

ML: Your job isn’t done after you have your page published and start collecting leads (that’s just the beginning). We highly recommend you use an email marketing service to nurture your leads down your marketing funnel and convert them to customers.

Here are the email marketing tools we currently partner with:

This picture shows marketers the email marketing integrations available in Instapage and why email marketing is important to campaigns.

BW: Which publishing option should I choose?

ML: This is more of a technical question, but the answer is fairly simple. If you already use WordPress or Drupal, our plugins are definitely the right choice. If not, the simplest road to getting your page online is through our Custom Domain publishing option:

This picture shows marketers the available publishing options with Instapage software, including custom domains, WordPress, Drupal, and Facebook.

Once you get your page out there, you can even publish it to your Facebook business page to enhance your online presence. It should be noted that we only recommend our “Page Demo” domains during the testing phase.

BW: What are your support hours and how soon will I get a response?

ML: Our customer support team replies to tickets very quickly and offer live chat 11 hours a day, Monday to Friday between 4 am and 3 pm PST.

Send us your questions; we got you covered!

BW: Do you have any other educational resources that explain post-click landing page best practices, A/B testing, etc?

ML: Absolutely! In addition to our A/B testing guide, we have a whole list of educational guides, and we’re always adding more to our resources section:

BW: How do I set up a multi-step form?

ML: This question comes in many different forms. Sometimes people:

  • Are afraid they are collecting too much information
  • Want to use the thank you page to get more insight about their customers
  • Want to find out what’s the best way to set up a multi-step form

We do have a help center video that explains this in detail. However, the short answer is that you:

  1. Must click on the form and connect it to a multi-step
  2. Click on the form on your second page and do the same

We also did a Q&A with our CEO, Tyson Quick, how to use multi-step forms:

This picture shows marketers a Q&A session with Instapage's CEO Tyson Quick on how to use multi-step forms.

BW: What do you discuss on the weekly webinar?

ML: On our weekly “Master Instapage Webinar” you’ll learn:

  • The difference between a website and a post-click landing page
  • Why post-click landing pages have become an essential marketing tool
  • How to quickly build high-converting post-click landing pages without needing designers or developers
  • How to integrate Instapage with other marketing tools and optimize your pages with A/B split testing

Join us every Wednesday, 11 am PST. Anyone is welcome to register!

This picture shows marketers how to register for the "Master Instapage" webinar and why it's worth watching.

BW: How can I become an affiliate?

ML: We work pretty closely with our affiliates and want them to succeed as much as possible. If you’re interested in becoming an Instapage affiliate, you can get more information by visiting our affiliates page where we offer:

  • 50% commission paid out the first month
  • 30% recurring commissions every month after
  • 120-day cookie duration on your affiliate link

Become a partner with us and join our affiliate program here!

BW: Do you offer design reviews for customers?

ML: Yes! We offer one free design review per month for our Premium customers. Our expert design team will critique your template based on more than 30 conversion-related design tips, which you can use on your next A/B split test!

If you’re not a Premium Instapage user, you can upgrade your account here and get design review privileges!

BW: If someone upgrades (on annual) are they charged the difference between the plans (since they already paid)?

ML: Yes, we always charge the prorated difference between plans, so you will only pay the difference.

BW: What makes Instapage different than other post-click landing page software companies?

ML: Like some other post-click landing page software companies, we have pre-optimized templates and integrations.

But what sets us apart is that we have a simplified user interface with a builder that is designer-friendly, fully customizable, and comes packaged with the most powerful analytics in the industry. Plus, the following key user benefits:

You can achieve anything you want with ease!

Have a question we missed?

We hope we’ve answered some of your most burning questions, today. If there’s something that we didn’t cover, feel free to submit any question you may have to our help center (

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