New Guide: Learn to Create Stunning Landing Pages for Marketo in Minutes

by Tyson Quick in Instapage Updates

Whether you’re generating new leads with advertising campaigns, nurturing leads via email, or engaging customers through high-touch events, post-click landing pages are a key component of any campaign.

The post-click landing page is, after all, where conversions happen.

And while marketing automation platforms allow you to create basic lead capture pages, they don’t have the advanced functionalities that make it easy to create more complex, on-brand post-click landing pages. The type of page necessary for campaigns where the onus of convincing someone to convert relies heavily on the post-click landing page, like with advertising campaigns.

To learn more about the difference between marketing automation post-click landing pages and advertising post-click landing pages, read this article.

Why Marketo users need a post-click landing page platform

When you create highly-targeted ads and emails, then send those prospects to a generic catchall post-click landing page, or even worse, a poorly designed post-click landing page, you run the risk of confusing your prospects, causing them to bounce.

But the creation of high-quality post-click landing pages generally requires web developers, who are often strapped for time and have other priorities. So marketers resort to using basic, templatized lead capture pages, or end up creating catchall post-click landing pages. Neither of which helps with conversions.

By combining the power of Instapage and Marketo, Marketo users can create highly personalized post-click landing pages without a developer. Then push their leads into Marketo where they’ll continue on a personalized customer journey.

personalized Marketo post-click landing pages guide

How Marketo users can benefit from Instapage

Organizations that engage with their customers and prospects on Marketo can now quickly build, test, and optimize personalized post-click landing pages at scale, and automatically push converted leads into their Marketo database.

This integration is especially helpful if you:

  • Invest heavily in digital advertising or paid social media
  • Need to quickly create personalized post-click landing pages at scale
  • Have strict brand guidelines
  • Require mobile-responsive post-click landing pages
  • Need analytics and A/B testing for your pages
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders
  • Create gated content or host webinars

Marketo post-click landing pages benefits

Located in the Marketo LaunchPoint portal, Instapage makes it easy for Marketo users to create post-click landing pages for any type of campaign.

How Marketo customers have benefited from personalized, on-brand post-click landing pages

Marketo users can now offer their post-click landing page visitors a personalized, fully on-brand experience that will increase conversions across the entire customer journey.

Instapage has the fonts and design customization tools you need to create on-brand post-click landing pages. Easily add modern design elements like hero images, card layouts, parallax scrolling, exit intent pop-ups, background videos, and create a long-scroll page. The Instapage builder has the capabilities designers are accustomed to with array of pixel-precision and brand tools:

Marketo post-click landing pages Instapage

From this combination of features our customers have increased their campaigns’ ROI by scaling the production of targeted, message-matched post-click landing pages. For example, Gliffy.


Gliffy made their first order of business A/B testing their Marketo post-click landing pages against new Instapage post-click landing pages. The results showed a clear winner as Gliffy drastically increased their lead count with customized post-click landing pages:

Marketo post-click landing pages Gliffy statistics

By using Instapage to create personalized post-click landing pages for their campaigns, Gliffy saw remarkable results. Rather than using Marketo as a post-click landing page builder, the team positioned the CMS for post-click automation to trigger different nurture campaigns.

Barber & Hewitt

Michael Barber, Founder of Barber & Hewitt, had this to say:

To increase conversions and ROI for a Marketo client of ours, we undertook a push to optimize their post-click landing pages. There are lots of stakeholders for this client—the client and its team, our team, and another agency partner—so we also needed something intuitive enough that the whole team could use it. We chose Instapage, which was the easiest solution for building Marketo post-click landing pages from among all the options we evaluated. Its built-in collaboration solution expedites the design and review process across our entire team.

How to setup your Marketo integration

Integrating your post-click landing page forms with Marketo is performed the same way as other integrations. When editing your page, click on the form and then “Integrations” in our top bar. Then, select “Marketo,” of which you’ll see the following screen:

Marketo post-click landing pages integration

At this point, you’ll connect your Marketo account by inserting your client ID, client secret, and URL as directed. You’ll then connect your post-click landing page to your desired Marketo list and map your form fields. (Please note: Forms are integrated individually, so if your page includes multiple CTAs, with a two-step opt-in form, you will need to integrate each form separately.)

Learn how Instapage can help you create customized post-click landing pages at scale

With Instapage you can easily create, optimize, and personalize post-click landing pages at scale. With the creation of highly targeted post-click landing pages for each promotion, you’ll maximize conversions while lowering the cost of online customer acquisition. Sign up for an Instapage Enterprise demo today.

Find out the best practices to maximize your Marketo ROI and why personalized post-click landing pages increase conversions in our latest guide: Stunning post-click landing pages for Marketo in Minutes.

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See the Instapage Enterprise Plan in Action.

Demo includes AdMap™, Personalization, AMP,

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Tyson Quick

by Tyson Quick

Tyson Quick is the Founder and Chief Product Officer of Instapage, the intuitive and powerful landing page creation platform. His mission is to help businesses of every size develop personalized, relevant landing pages.

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