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All marketing teams and agencies — whether they’re working in the same office, with freelancers, or remotely — endure the same fragmented, slow, inefficient waste of their time and money, which we’ve dubbed: “The Design Review Drag” (DRD). It doesn’t matter if you’re using Slack, Google Docs, or the best project management tools — DRD still happens.

The remedy for DRD has been known for a long time. All that’s ever been needed to reduce drag is better, faster, and more fluid communication and collaboration. Right?

The way of the world pre-today

Teams and agencies have told us that when it comes to post-click landing pages, collaboration is paramount to creating an optimized page. Typically, that team consists of anywhere from 2-4 people and through the post-click landing page creation process, a majority of stakeholders are dissatisfied with their current method of collaboration.

That dissatisfaction is mostly due to response delays and being forced to communicate in a variety of channels with no centralized location to consolidate the communication. This brings us to the following scenario, which is all too familiar:

  • Your copywriter writes the lines that make all readers burst with the desire to buy, buy, buy!
  • Your design teams creates a page so stunning the MoMA is on the phone demanding it for their permanent collection
  • Your VP of Marketing, with tears of joy in their eyes, proclaims with unbounded glee: Ship it!

You send the page to your client — a week goes by — and when they finally respond it’s only to say, “This isn’t what we were going for. Change it.”

Frustrated by this unspecific feedback and knowing that your team already has dedicated many hours of work on the page, you start the creation process again (and again, and again) until your client is finally happy enough to publish.

It’s times like this that you wish you were either a mind reader or had a faster, more direct way to get client feedback and speed the (re)design process along.

While we can’t make you a mind reader, we can offer you a way to close the communication gaps between you, your team, and your clients with a solution that facilitates real-time collaboration.

How we continue to set ourselves apart

post-click landing page software providers (including us) talk about marketers being able to create, publish, integrate, and A/B test post-click landing pages without requiring IT resources. That’s all true, but no other solution can match our newest announcement: the Instapage collaboration solution.

Instapage is the only post-click landing page platform that offers integrated collaboration capabilities for marketing teams and agencies.

What is the Instapage team collaboration solution?

We’re announcing the industry’s first and only post-click landing page collaboration solution that allows users to share and respond to comments, provide feedback, and resolve issues within our post-click landing page platform. This collaboration solution is fully integrated with our post-click landing page builder and provides a seamless user experience that competing products do not possess.

With this update, marketing teams and agencies can collaborate in real-time, centralize scattered communications, and eliminate the time-consuming bottlenecks inherent in the design review process. This enables marketers to build beautifully designed post-click landing pages at scale.

The current review process is often a confusing mess of marked-up screenshots and running commentaries across multiple, unconnected channels like email, messaging apps, project management tools, and so on.

Now marketers can invite team members and clients to review post-click landing pages, leave and respond to comments, provide feedback, and resolve issues within the Instapage platform. With Instapage you can streamline the design review process by unifying all communications within the Instapage platform, speed up design reviews, and if you’re with an agency offer a delightful client experience.

The Instapage collaboration solution offers a familiar user experience and requires no learning curve. We created this short video that explains each aspect of the new solution:

Key features and benefits of the new Instapage team collaboration solution

Feature #1: Share the preview of a page with either a URL or an email invitation
Benefit: You have your core team with which you collaborate. Often on a per project basis, you need to invite external stakeholders to review your design. With Instapage you can easily invite guests to view a post-click landing page by initiating an email from within the platform or sharing the private link with them. Guests can only view the specific post-click landing page and its variations.

Feature #2: Create, delete, edit, and resolve a hotspot
Benefit: Quickly provide feedback by clicking on the specific design element and leaving comments for various stakeholders. Resolve issues and remove feedback thread once the conversation is closed.

Feature #3: Set visibility level for a hotspot
Benefit: You can separate internal team conversations from external conversations with other department members and clients by setting the appropriate visibility level to a comment thread. Leave comments for your team members that will not be visible to guests. Or, leave comments for everybody.

Feature #4: @Mention a specific person
Benefit: Notify team members by mentioning them in the comment, which will trigger an email to them.

Feature #5: Actions performed within the collaboration solution will be reflected in real time.
Benefit: Avoid delays from back and forth communication by collaborating with your design reviewers in real-time.

Feature #6: Comment Feed
Benefit: View all comments for a particular page variation, respond to comments and resolve comments.

Feature #7: Message Center
Benefit: Conveniently view notifications across all post-click landing pages to stay on top of the design review process.

Teams and digital marketing agencies love our new collaboration solution

After performing extensive user tests, we concluded that teams and agencies required a better workflow to create and publish post-click landing pages at scale. Take it from one of our marketing agency customers:

A reality we often face is that design and review processes are far too fragmented, especially when you’re managing multiple collaborators, campaigns, clients, and deadlines. Instapage has taken that insight and created a post-click landing page platform that all teams will need if they want to improve their workflows.

– Liz Coppinger, Business Analyst at Lucid Agency

Instapage is the only post-click landing page platform that offers integrated collaboration capabilities for marketing teams and agencies.

Common pain points and how collaboration solves them

Pain point #1

The design review process is our biggest bottleneck. We send reminders via multiple channels but seem to be constantly waiting for clients/stakeholders (executives, other department stakeholders) to review the design and provide feedback on time. Ultimately, it makes us look bad when things don’t get completed on time.

How our solution solves it

Address the biggest bottleneck in your client engagements/marketing campaigns. Invite team stakeholders/clients to review and comment on the post-click landing page, centralize all design related communications, and send instant notifications to request and respond to feedback.

Pain point #2

Providing design feedback online is a manual and inefficient process. We take a screenshot of the design and mark it up with our comments and send it via email, chat, or the project management tool.

How our solution solves it

Stop marking up screenshots. Now team members, clients, and other stakeholders can directly view the post-click landing page and annotate it with comments by simply clicking on the specific design elements. Team members can instantly see your feedback and respond to it in a threaded conversation right on the post-click landing page.

Pain point #3

We receive feedback via multiple channels like email, messaging tool, project management apps, and so on. Reconciling and resolving the feedback from different stakeholders across multiple communication channels can be a long, arduous, and error-prone process.

Sometimes a particular comment may fall through the cracks. This introduces more revisions and delays.

How our solution solves it

Centralize all your design related communication in one place. With this new capability, reviewers can provide feedback by simply clicking on the specific design element and leaving a comment. Comments become instantly visible to all team members. You can address comments to specific team members and have them be notified via email. This will speed up the design process and ensure all issues are addressed and resolved.

Pain point #4

Collecting, reconciling and combining design feedback from marked up screenshots is very inefficient. We have to do multiple rounds of feedback. Often we have to get in a room and resolve it face to face. This process becomes even more difficult with remote teams.

How our solution solves it

You can now directly annotate the post-click landing page with your comments. Your comments become instantly visible to all team members. This allows your team to do the design review process online, resolve issues, and complete the design faster.

Pain point #5

I get too many comments, reminders, and feedback across the various design projects across multiple tools. It is hard to manage all of this communication and respond in time.

How our solution solves it

The message center consolidates the comments you are mentioned in across all post-click landing pages so you can stay on top of the campaigns you are working on.

Start using the Instapage collaboration solution

Instapage is already the most powerful post-click landing page platform for marketing teams and agencies, and with this new solution, we’re the only provider that offers integrated collaboration capabilities. It addresses one of the biggest marketing bottlenecks — the design review process. With Instapage, marketers can speed up design reviews, and agencies can offer a delightful client experience.

The Instapage collaboration solution offers a familiar user experience and requires no learning curve. To start using collaboration capabilities, sign-in to your account and start commenting!

Our new team collaboration software capabilities are available for Instapage users who joined on or after October 12, 2015. Accounts with the new Instapage collaboration solution will show the message center icon next to the help center icon (question mark) in the top right of the dashboard:

This picture shows marketers how to access the message center within the Instapage team collaboration solution.

Please contact our support team if you have questions about your plan or would like to discuss an upgrade for access to the new solution.

So what’s next? Invite team members, collaborate more efficiently, and design professional post-click landing pages with the most powerful and 100% customizable platform on the web. Sign up for an Instapage Enterprise demo today.

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See the Instapage Enterprise Plan in Action.

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