Why Digital Marketers Need Collaboration

by Michael Egan in Instapage Updates This header image shows how you can collaborate while building your landing page with Instapage.

Marketing teams thrive on collaboration. And when you’re building personalized landing pages for specific audiences, you need easy ways to bring the whole team together and work with an agile mindset. That’s why Instapage is built around team collaboration.

In this blog post, we’ll explore three new ways Instapage customers can manage their team accounts for maximum efficiency and effortless communication.

Switch accounts in one click

Say goodbye to distracting account management. Instapage customers can now switch between accounts and workspaces with a single click.

For teams that manage multiple workspaces, or customer-centric businesses like agencies or design freelancers, this feature makes it easy to focus your efforts and balance multiple accounts.

To switch workspaces or accounts while using Instapage, just click the icon on the upper left of the screen. You’ll see the list of workspaces and accounts to choose from.

Publish new pages by domain

Many marketers maintain multiple page domains to support their business’ ad-to-page strategies. But managing multiple domains can be a major hassle—especially when you need to create unique landing pages across domains.

We’ve simplified the publishing process to ease that headache. You can now search domains before publishing to quickly connect your page to the right domain.

When you’re ready to publish, simply click the Publish button on the right of the screen and use the search function to find your preferred domain.

Invite teammates with comments

We know that marketing is a team effort. That’s why Instapage was designed with team collaboration in mind. Our collaboration features allow multiple teammates to design together, share feedback, and speed through time-consuming reviews. And our collaboration features keep getting better.

Now you can easily bring in coworkers without leaving your workspace. Just @ your teammate in a comment and they’ll be invited to join your project. Get stakeholder alignment and feedback—without breaking your flow.

Marketing teams are built on collaboration

We strive to make every team effort feel effortless. Our ever-expanding array of landing page creation and optimization tools put the power in your team’s hands. With Instapage, any marketer on your team can be a developer, a data scientist, a CRO expert, and a team player.

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