The Problems with Slow Pages & How AMP Solves Them (Infographic)

The Biggest Problems with Slow Loading Pages & How AMP Solves Them (Infographic)

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Online users don’t have patience anymore. With connection speeds around the world getting faster, people have become accustomed to accessing content instantly. Whatever that may be — news, social media feeds, search engine results, clicking through ads.

Even with faster speeds, bounce rates continue to haunt digital advertisers spending $333 billion globally.

For digital advertisers like you, this is particularly troubling. Especially when you consider that since 2016 the majority of internet usage is via mobile device.

Increasingly, digital advertisers are turning to the AMP framework and AMP post-click pages to lower their bounce rate. They prefer this open-source framework because it loads lightning-fast and helps provide the best user experience available.

If page load speed isn’t instant, it isn’t fast enough. For you or your potential customers. Check out the infographic to learn more.

AMP infographic

AMP infographic

Instapage AMP demo

AMP Instapage demo

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