How Admap™ Syncs Google Ads to Unique Post-click Experiences

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Digital advertisers spend too much time on manual processes tracking ads to post-click landing pages. Complex spreadsheets, copy-pasting from ad platforms…

It’s not a visual process either, making it more difficult to see the full funnel for your ad campaigns.

There has to be a better way. With AdMap™, you eliminate all that copy-pasting and enjoy a visual layout of your pre- and post-click stages. Before we get to that…

A little background

An overwhelming 98% of marketers agree that personalization advances customer relationships. When asked about their prospects, nearly 90% say they expect personalized experiences. Personalization is necessary for both brand and customer, but being able to provide it has proven challenging.

The Instapage mantra has always been “every ad deserves a unique and personalized post-click landing page.” Meaning, 1:1 ad-to-page personalization. For digital advertisers that run dozens or even hundreds of ads, that scalability becomes intimidating quickly.

Earlier in 2019, Instapage announced the Personalization solution, which made Instapage the only platform that enables advertisers and marketers to create, personalize, and optimize post-click landing pages at scale and dynamically serve the right experience to the right audience, all within a single, unified platform. This server-side dynamic audience targeting enabled Instapage to provide unique experiences without sacrificing page load speeds. With it, users inherit the sophisticated targeted already built-in to advertising platforms.

That set the stage for today’s two product announcements.

Postclick Dashboard

Available: Today with Google Ads

Until this week, when you logged into Instapage, you were taken to a list of your landing pages, and that made sense when the product was centered around building pages. Creating pages is not the goal, though. Pages are a means to an end.

The goal is higher conversions by being relevant. Therefore, the Instapage team needed to rethink how to convey both that value and the ideal state. With this in mind, the Postclick Score™ was created.

Your Postclick Score is the percentage of unique experiences you have compared to the quantity of Ad Groups + Ads you have:

new Instapage Postclick Dashboard

Instapage is the only platform with Postclick Score functionality.

(Note: V1 Includes Google Ads, however, our roadmap includes all major networks to be added in 2020.)

Here, the dashboard shows you how close (or far away) you are to achieving 1:1 ad-to-page personalization.

Upgrade Here to Turn On Your Postclick Score

But, what good is a Postclick Score if you have no easy way to take action? That’s why we built AdMap,™ the world’s first visual ad-to-page mapping technology.


Available: Today with Google Ads

As an experienced PPC marketer, you know that you need message and audience-matched post-click landing pages for your ads. But your current setup doesn’t allow contextual visualization and effective management of your advertising funnel, making it difficult to quickly identify which ads and audiences are missing a relevant post-click landing page. It also doesn’t allow you to create, personalize, and optimize post-click landing pages as quickly as you do ads. The process takes too long or results in poorly designed landing page experiences that aren’t optimized for conversions.

All of that changes with AdMap:

new Instapage AdMap product

With AdMap, advertisers can effortlessly ensure alignment between page experiences and ads with an intuitive point-and-click interface instead of manually inputting and tracking alignment with spreadsheets.

The new offering enables you to:

  • Import your full account structure from the advertising platform to generate your Postclick Score and evaluate your advertising funnel for ad-to-page relevancy
  • Visualize a list of your campaigns, ad groups, and ads in Instapage to determine where personalized pages are needed
  • Effortlessly create new pages within the AdMap flow, and connect each ad to a matching post-click landing page using an intuitive point-and-click interface
  • Quickly edit and update connected post-click page experiences to match your ad iterations
  • Automatically two-way sync ad mapping updates between the advertising network and Instapage
  • Serve the correct personalized experience in real-time to the right audience for each ad

Instapage is the only platform with AdMap™ technology.

Upgrade Here to Turn On AdMap™

Increased transparency & syncing management

Availability: Coming soon

Instapage will provide you with increased transparency and syncing management between AdMap and your Google Ads account. You can review and edit your ad-to-page connection changes before syncing updates to your Google Ads account. By clicking on the “Review & Push” button, you will see a list of ad-to-page mapping updates you’ve made along with the New Final URL for each of the newly-connected landing page experiences and their respective ads. You can then select or deselect items/page experiences from the list before bulk-publishing your ad-to-page connection updates to Google Ads.

You can also quickly identify the ad-to-page connection status of each ad with unique color icon indicators within the AdMap Ads panel. The status indicators are as follows:

  • “Published Successfully” -- the ad-to-page connection has been successfully pushed to Google Ads
  • “Connection Drafted” -- the ad-to-page connection is in a draft state and is ready to be pushed to Google Ads
  • “Needs Publishing” -- the post-click page experience is not yet live and needs to be published before ad-to-page connection can be pushed to Google Ads
  • “No Connection” -- the ad is not connected to any landing page experience

Instapage AdMap notifications

Google Ads performance insights

Availability: Coming soon

Prioritize 1:1 ad-to-page personalization with visibility into cost and click insights from your Google Ads account. View last 30-day metrics for each campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword within the AdMap workflow. With quantitative data, you can now prioritize personalization for your high spend campaigns to achieve a greater impact on your ROI.

What this all means

With Postclick Dashboard and AdMap, marketers can, for the first time, automate the ad mapping, creation, personalization, and optimization of PPC ads to post-click landing pages, achieving 1:1 ad-to-page personalization quickly and at scale. Now marketers can use the Postclick Dashboard to evaluate their advertising funnel for ad-to-page relevancy and discover actionable conversion opportunities.

Postclick Dashboard and AdMap solidify Instapage as a vital part of the advertising funnel -- the post-click stage. By automating the post-click stage, PPC marketers can efficiently sync their ads with relevant post-click landing pages and increase their advertising ROI.

Both products are available to Instapage Business and Enterprise plans. PPC and growth marketers with highly segmented, large-scale advertising programs will benefit most from AdMap.

Pain points and how AdMap solves them

Pain point #1: I don’t have the resources to create personalized experiences.
Solution: With the Instapage platform you can quickly create multiple experiences for the same page that can be attached to different audiences and served in real-time. Then effortlessly map your ads to the right personalized experience with an intuitive visual interface.

Pain point #2: I don’t have the tools to effectively manage the relationship between digital ads and landing pages.
Solution: AdMap enables you to contextually visualize your ad campaigns, determine where personalized post-click page experiences are needed, create and update pages to match the ads. This ensures effortless alignment between your landing pages and ads by using an intuitive point-and-click interface and two-way syncing between Instapage and your advertising network.

Pain point #3: I have so many ads and don’t know where to begin personalizing my post-click landing pages.
Solution: AdMap enables you to sync, visualize, and evaluate your advertising campaigns in Instapage, determine how many post-click page experiences you need, and create and update page experiences to match the ads.

Manage your ads & post-click landing pages better today

Give every potential customer a delightful, personalized advertising post-click landing page and reach your conversion goals faster by contextually visualizing your advertising funnel. Then, discover actionable conversion opportunities to guide you toward achieving 1:1 ad-to-page personalization, and effortlessly connect relevant post-click landing pages to each ad and audience.

Get an Instapage AdMap™ demo today.

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Demo includes AdMap™, Personalization, AMP,

Global Blocks, heatmaps & more.

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