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Chapter 5

Trust Indicators

Your visitors need to trust your service before they decide to sign-up or enter their email address to watch your webinar. Trust indicators help you make your post-click landing page credible.

There are five common ways to include trust indicators on post-click landing pages:

1. Statistical Evidence: Just saying you can do something doesn’t persuade your visitors to sign-up. Providing statistical proof of how you can deliver results is what gets your visitors to convert. The key to providing credible statistics is to include the source that generated them, i.e. you need to support any claims you make with actual evidence.

Contently uses this strategy on their post-click landing page. Instead of self-proclaiming they are the best content marketing platform, they’ve mentioned it was Digiday Signal Awards that gave them this commendation:

Contently post-click landing page Example

2. Customer Badges: Showing badges of companies you’ve already helped tells your customers they can achieve success with your product. A visitor may not know who you are — but recognizes one of your customer badges — is more likely to click on the CTA.

Crazy Egg does this with their post-click landing page. Not only do they include badges from renowned companies, but they also share the fact that 200,000 businesses convert better with Crazy Egg heat mapping technology:

Crazy Egg post-click landing page Example

3. Honest Customer Testimonials: It’s always nice to know that your past customers have something nice to say about you. This becomes even more satisfying when you can show your potential clients just how satisfied your customers are with your service. Honest customer testimonials can help you do just that.

Honest customer testimonials are a given, but when the reviewer says something unique about your service, and they’re well known within your industry — those testimonials have even greater impact.

This is what GetResponse does on their page:

GetRespone post-click landing page Customer Testimonials Example

4. Privacy Policy: Providing a privacy policy link below your lead capture form (or in the footer) notifies visitors how their information will be shared, if at all.

This is what Kapost does on their post-click landing page:

Kapost post-click landing page Example

5. Third Party Seals: Third-party seals advise your visitors that doing business with you is completely safe, which persuades them to click your CTA button:

Salesforce uses two trust seals on their post-click landing pages, TRUSTe and Norton:

Salesforce post-click landing page Example

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