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How to Create a Landing Page

Chapter 6

How Can I Promote My Landing Page?

Next Steps After Creating a Landing Page

Just creating a landing page doesn’t get you conversions, it’s only one-third of the conversion equation, after all. You also need to generate traffic, establish a follow-up process, and promote your page on the proper channels.

There are two general ways to promote your landing page:

1. Paid Promotion

Paid promotion techniques include PPC such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Social media ads are another effective paid promotion technique and to read more about paid promotion, go here.

2. Free Promotion

Promote your landing pages via your email marketing campaigns – simply include a link within the message body or below your email signature. Guest blogging and social media posts are popular methods too, and available free of charge.

After you generate traffic and start seeing some conversions, it’s time to improve your conversion rates with A/B testing.

A/B testing allows you to create different variations of your landing page, split your traffic between the two variations, and see which variation generates more conversions.

Are you ready to build your landing page?

Building landing pages provide you the best chance to increase your conversion rates and help you promote your offers in the most efficient way possible.

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