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How to Create a Landing Page

Chapter 4

What Options Do I Have to Create My Landing Page?

Options for Creating Landing Pages

To get your landing page built and published you have two main options:

1. Hire an outside designer create the landing page for you. However, this will likely be very costly and time-consuming. Another disadvantage of hiring a designer is that there will often be communication delays because the designer is not in-house. Furthermore, since you should be creating separate pages for all of your campaigns, do you want to repeat this hiring-and-delayed-feedback process every time?

2. Request IT and engineers create the page. Similar to hiring an outside designer, this is not a feasible option either because it’s not easily scaleable. Plus, all landing page edits require significant coding and too much time. Once you start creating variations of your landing page, connecting the page to other marketing software (e.g. CMS, marketing automation, etc.), and creating new pages for other offers, having in-house staff create landing pages becomes unrealistic very quickly.

3. Use a dedicated landing page software to create the pages for you. Many landing page services on the market offer a do-it-yourself option. Simply create an account and build customized landing pages for all your campaigns.

Instapage is the simplest and most customizable landing page software available to marketers because we offer:

These help you get your pages built fast and synced with all of the programs you already use, such as WordPress, Salesforce, MailChimp, Google Analytics, GoToWebinar, and more.

In addition to a custom landing page builder, Instapage allows you to quickly A/B test your pages with the best analytics in the industry — giving you more insight on your leads and a greater chance to improve your conversion rates.

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