What is PPC?

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Discover what PPC marketing is, and how you can run PPC campaigns to get brand exposure and promote multiple offers.

Find out how to setup and manage PPC campaigns in the six most commonly used advertising platforms.

Learn how to optimize your PPC ads to get your target audience to click.

Find out why you always need to connect your PPC ad regardless of the advertising platform to a dedicated, relevant landing page.

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Introduction to PPC

The guide begins with the defining what pay per click marketing is, and how it works. Also, mentioned in the chapter are the statistics you need to know if you’re thinking about running paid campaigns.

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How to Run PPC Campaigns in Google Ads

The chapter explains the step by step process of setting up optimized Google Ads search and display campaigns. It also describes how to use the power of Google Analytics in conjunction to your Google Ads account to take your PPC campaigns to the next level.

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How to Run PPC Campaigns in Facebook

Find out how to set up and running optimized Facebook campaigns. The chapter also describes how to optimize your Facebook ads, and why connecting all ads to landing pages increases conversions.

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How to Run PPC Campaigns in Instagram

Instagram has a rapidly burgeoning user base, making the network a perfect place to run your paid ad campaigns. The chapter explains why you need to advertise on Instagram and how you can run and manage your advertising campaigns.

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How to Run PPC Campaigns in Bing

Discover the reasons why you need to consider Bing as a viable avenue for your PPC campaigns. Find out how to setup and manage your Bing ads account to drive leads to your landing pages.

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How to Run PPC Campaigns in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the perfect advertising network for B2B business looking to expand their reach and promote their products and services. The chapter explains the different types of LinkedIn ads you can run to influence business growth, and why you should connect every ad with a relevant landing page.

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