What is a Splash Page?

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Splash pages allow you to converse with your visitors before the conversion happens — learn how to get that conversation started

Not all splash pages fulfill their purpose. Discover which elements go into creating an effective splash page

Find out what differentiates a splash page from your homepage and other landing pages

Create optimized splash pages that your visitors want to interact with

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What are Splash Pages?

Splash pages have evolved over the years to provide a better user experience for visitors and serve as a teaser for your website or any content page. The page offers visitors very little information or a promotion that optimizes their experience on your website.

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Difference Between a Splash Page and Other Pages

Splash pages versus landing pages and homepages are broken down with specific examples of each. The differences are significant and worth explaining in-depth using a variety of business types.

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What to Include on Splash Pages

An optimized splash page has very specific page elements. This chapter analyzes a real splash page based on the most important elements that generate conversions.

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How Do I Create a Splash Page?

The two primary ways to create splash pages are evaluated. Learn how to create splash pages quickly and easily using pre-optimized templates and a design-friendly landing page builder.

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