How to Create a Landing Page

Chapter 2

What Should I Do Before and After Creating My Landing Page?

Prior to building your post-click landing page, you need to fulfill certain prerequisites to ensure your post-click landing page will be a success. Before you begin:

  • Decide your post-click landing page goal: Have a clear objective in mind before you start working on the page elements. What do you want your page to achieve? Are you planning a soft sell and want to offer your visitors an ebook? Or, are you taking a more direct approach and want your visitors to sign up for a product demo?
  • Complete your offer before you begin: Make sure the offer you’re promoting is completed before you create the page. Doing this allows you to start collecting leads as soon as you publish your post-click landing page.

As you’re building the page:

  • Tailor it for your target visitors: For your page to get conversions, it’s important to understand your target audience’s pain points, wants, and needs. Then, create page elements that address all three, so your visitors have no choice but to convert.
  • Create a “B” variation to test: Building another variation helps you determine which page element is helping conversions more. If you’re new to A/B testing, a good practice is to first test the most “disruptive” (obvious) elements such as headline, image, background color, or form length.
  • Make sure all of your variations are mobile-responsive: If they’re not designed well and responsive to mobile devices, your conversion rates will suffer.

Once the page is completed and published:

  • Direct traffic to your dedicated post-click landing page, not your homepage: You should never send visitors to your homepage or any other website page because these pages typically have too many distractions. To maximize conversions, your traffic should only be sent to a dedicated post-click landing page that focuses on a singular conversion goal. For more information on promoting your page, go to chapter 6.

Once you’ve addressed these areas, you’re well on your way to generating conversions and can begin nurturing them down your sales funnel.

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