Zero In maximizes clients’ Google Ads campaign performance
using Instapage landing pages

Zero In adds Instapage to its marketing stack to optimize its clients’ post-click experience

34% average conversion rate

34% average conversion rate

for franchise client

$13 average cost per lead

$13 average cost per lead

for another client, half of client industry standard

More than 6,000 leads

More than 6,000 leads

generated exclusively through Instapage

Zero In
Name: Zero In
Employees: 30
Location: Guelph, Ontario

Zero In is a paid search marketing agency and a division of RKD Web Studios, a company that specializes in web design and app development. The PPC staff develops and executes strategies for businesses, franchises, agencies, and not-for-profit organizations that require PPC, mobile, and search advertising services. Zero In is a fully certified Google Partner.


Maximize clients’ Google Ads campaigns

Business situation

Zero In has spent eight years evolving from just providing SEO services for its clients to developing extensive Google Ads (formerly AdWords) programs. Through that process, the team has developed a marketing stack that best fits their clients’ needs. But as demands for custom post-click landing page designs increased, it became difficult and inconvenient to depend on limited developer resources. The team required a solution that would complement their existing stack, maximize their clients’ Ads campaigns, and seamlessly optimize the post-click landing page.

Instapage for Google Ads (formerly AdWords)

Zero In’s clients span across multiple industries, but they all exclusively use Google Ads for their paid programs. After adopting Instapage, the team migrated 80% of their clients’ post-click landing pages to Instapage and found that their new pages far outperformed their previous campaigns. The team saw more immediate responses and higher conversions across the board. Now, Zero In has more than 100 Instapage post-click landing pages published for its Ads campaigns.

Franchise operations boost performance

One particular franchise client achieved exceptional results with Instapage. The service company deployed message-matched post-click landing pages tied to its paid ads, which significantly lowered its cost per lead and boosted its conversion rates to as high as 60% for some campaigns. The service industry requires exceptionally high conversion rates to meet sales goals, and the ROI that Instapage delivered far exceeded other customer acquisition methods.


Productivity and results are the two main considerations for platforms that Zero In adds to its marketing stack. Instapage both cut the team’s build cycle in half and boosted their clients’ conversions rates:


Zero In added Instapage to its marketing stack to increase the team’s productivity and better optimize their clients’ Google Ads campaigns. Now, Zero In has more than 100 active post-click landing pages and 80% of their client’s using Instapage for their paid ads.

We’ve found that using Instapage for our Ads campaigns far outperforms any other post-click campaign that we’ve initiated for our clients.

Rudy Diemer - President

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