HelloFresh gets a 33% reduction in
landing page production time

HelloFresh improves campaign performance with agile creation, optimization,
and personalization of post-click experiences.

33% reduction

33% reduction

in landing page production time

30% increase

30% increase

in conversion rate

Name: HelloFresh
Employees: 5,000+
Location: Berlin, Germany

About HelloFresh

HelloFresh is the world’s number one meal kit provider, operating in thirteen countries across three continents. Every week, customers can choose from a variety of easy-to-follow recipes and high-quality, pre-portioned fresh ingredients, delivered straight to their door.
Post-click landing page for HelloFresh meal kits

Business challenge

As HelloFresh grew and expanded into new markets, its marketing team struggled to create personalized landing pages for their increasingly targeted ads. Waiting on the engineering team to build and update each landing page was too slow and expensive. They needed a platform that would allow them to quickly scale post-click personalization and allow them to test and optimize rapidly for higher conversions. Instapage had the suite of products that HelloFresh needed to scale its digital advertising and make it more profitable.

Test and optimize to increase ROI

HelloFresh has always been a data-driven company. But without a robust post-click automation platform, they couldn’t scale their landing page testing. This left a backlog of untested pages. With Instapage, HelloFresh has accelerated and scaled its experimentation with a streamlined workflow optimized for testing.

The HelloFresh design team has also created a library of its own conversion-tested and approved templates to make the process even more efficient. When the team has a new idea, they test it against the existing control design. If the new page outperforms the current control, it’s implemented into HelloFresh’s wider advertising campaigns. The new version is also included in any relevant templates for future use.

Agile page creation for ecommerce sales

As an ecommerce company, HelloFresh needed an agile solution that would allow them to create, update, and test landing pages quickly for influencer campaigns, flash sales, and acquisition campaigns.

With Instapage, the marketing team was able to streamline its creation process by eliminating developers and using real-time collaboration to speed up reviews and approvals. HelloFresh has also built conversion-optimized templates that they can update in minutes for new promotions and sales, which has contributed to a 30% conversion lift.

Pre-cart education pages

As a leader in an emerging category, meal kit delivery, HelloFresh found that in certain markets it was essential to provide additional education on its product before sending people to its pricing page. With Instapage, HelloFresh can create educational pre-cart pages with messaging customized to specific locations and stages of the buying journey, which has resulted in better campaign performance.

Increased personalization for higher conversions

People are far more likely to buy when their ad-to-page experience is seamless. When HelloFresh sent ads to its homepage, its conversion rates were low because the experience wasn’t personalized. With Instapage, HelloFresh can create relevant post-click pages that match its ads’ targeting, including location, buying intent, and more.


Before Instapage, HelloFresh was severely limited in its optimization and personalization capabilities. But now its marketing team is faster, more agile, and strategic. By incorporating Instapage with their marketing stack, HelloFresh’s marketing team has seen significant performance improvements:


Hellofresh’s marketing team has become a more effective and agile team using Instapage. They’ve been able to scale their digital advertising efforts and have increased their ROAS and conversion rates significantly using the Instapage Advertising Conversion Cloud.
HelloFresh landing page targeting Californian customers

Instapage gives us the ability to tailor our landing page content and layout to tell a unique story for each geographical target. The platform also enables us to create different variations with content that performs well for each unique channel.

Tamar Friedland - Sr. Director of Global Paid Marketing

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