EZ Texting launches new customer acquisition
campaigns 4x faster

EZ Texting launched a rapid COVID-response campaign to help get their service
into the hands of those who needed it most



faster time-to-market

14 organizations

14 organizations

benefited from the COVID-response campaign

EZ Texting
Name: EZ Texting
Employees: 183
Location: Santa Monica, CA

About EZ Texting

EZ Texting is a SaaS text communication platform that offers businesses the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to connect with their audiences. Founded in 2004, the company has served over 160,000 customers with messaging solutions that allow them to reach and engage their mobile audiences.


According to Karin Odell, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, the company’s primary goals were demand generation, lead acquisition, and nurturing. The EZ Texting team also sought a solution that would enable them to create landing pages quickly and hassle-free.

The situation and business challenges

EZ Texting’s digital advertising strategy was evolving to include multiple paid marketing channels, such as Facebook ads, Quora ads, Reddit ads, and media buys. The team required a platform to create dedicated landing pages for each respective channel as quickly as their ads.

The brand was also looking to create vertical-specific landing pages for prospecting campaigns targeted at mid-market and SMB audiences.

Instapage speeds up EZ Texting’s landing page deployment

Instapage helped EZ Texting generate landing pages much faster than their previous provider.

The speed with which they could create and optimize post-click landing pages enabled their team to deploy multiple pages for all their display ad campaigns, helping them increase customer acquisitions.

Most recently, the team started running mobile text message ads promoting their 14-day free trial during podcasts. Instapage allowed the brand to launch landing pages for the podcast ads.

Instapage helps EZ Texting give back to the community

As COVID-19 began impacting millions of people around the world, EZ Texting, like most brands, readjusted and rethought their future advertising and branding strategies. The brand pivoted their primary business offering from promotional offers to public safety and health information and updates.

In addition, EZ Texting also wanted to give back to the community during its greatest time of need. To achieve this, they launched a nationwide campaign offering organizations with a “.gov” or “.edu” domain 100,000 free outgoing text messages, 1 keyword, and the use of a common-use shortcode.

To promote this special offer, they updated their homepage banner to inform visitors about the promotion. The brand also launched new digital ads that were targeted at existing customers to help spread the word:

Instapage allowed the company to bypass their traditional release schedule and launch the campaign faster. Odell adds:

“If we didn’t have Instapage it would have delayed the promotion because our marketing site follows a release schedule. With Instapage, I could publish pages 25 times a day if I wanted to. This enabled us to be super flexible and nimble.”

Rather than monetary profit, the do-good campaign’s goal was social impact, which EZ Texting was happy to contribute. Instapage also allowed the brand to edit existing pages to make them more relevant to current times. According to Odell:

“As our customers were moving away from promotions and shifting toward notifications and alerts we switched a lot of our examples on landing pages. For example, one of our screenshots featured a flower shop that was doing a promo. We switched it to a supermarket example that is offering a one hour shopping time for people ages 65 and above. Instapage helped us customize examples of our product to make them more COVID appropriate.”

Success metrics with Instapage

Using Instapage, EZ Texting was able to scale their targeted landing pages and support their customer acquisition goals while also providing a much-needed community service. From these efforts, they saw the following results:


Using Instapage has allowed EZ Texting to effortlessly create, optimize, and publish landing pages for multiple campaigns. The brand has sped up their acquisition and demand generation campaigns and has given back to the community in unprecedented and difficult times.

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