Atlantic Relocation Systems increases ad conversions by 198% with improved ad-to-page matching

Atlantic Relocation Systems increases ad conversions by 198% with improved ad-to-page matching


Conversion rate uplift


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Name: Atlantic Relocation Systems
Employees: 750+
Location: Atlanta, GA


Atlantic Relocation Systems (ARS) provides moving, shipping, and storage services for residential and commercial clients in 13 regions across the country. ARS coordinates local, interstate, and international moves, as well as offering warehouse storage, corporate office relocation, and logistics. Atlantic Relocation Systems’ dedication to customer service has earned them a ProMover designation from the American Moving & Storage Association.


ARS specializes in logistics, moving, and transportation services across multiple locations in the Western Hemisphere. ARS’ advanced logistics and moving teams enable them to arrange specialized moving services, from residential home moving to corporate office moves. Their service offerings can vary from region to region.

ARS has a nationwide audience of potential customers for their residential and commercial moving services, as well as their other lines of business. The company leveraged Google ads to drive sales for each of their verticals in every location. But this meant multiple ads to manage across each vertical, leading to high ad spends for core business like residential moving services.

ARS saw an opportunity to improve their ad experiences by personalizing their ads to each geographic region where they have a presence. They knew that creating a personalized landing pages for each region would connect potential customers with the right service for their needs, without any confusion about availability. However, ARS lacked the internal capacity to build these experiences for their offerings in each region.

ARS turned to Instapage to help them implement solutions for their residential moving services.


The Instapage Professional Services team helped ARS identify opportunities to improve their advertising strategy. The team conducted a thorough analysis of ARS’ ad success to date. Through this process, they identified ARS’ residential moving sector as a priority, especially since it drew the highest ad spend among verticals.

The Instapage Professional Services team worked with ARS to understand their advertising goals for residential moving services. In this evaluation, the team worked to understand the ARS brand identity. Instapage’s team of conversion experts used these conversations to develop marketing personas and narratives for potential ARS customers.

Before partnering with Instapage, ARS did not tailor their ads to each of the geographic regions in which they operate. The Instapage Professional Services team recommended that ARS build relevant landing page experiences for each of their geo-specific ads. Instapage also suggested new conversion-focused design elements and a refreshed brand aesthetic to improve conversions.

Instapage’s design team created personalized ad-to-page experiences for each
of Atlantic’s geo-specific regions. Customers in each service area could now see landing pages specific to them, making it easier to find the offerings they need. Instapage’s engineering team provided ARS with tracking and QA tools to
monitor the success of their residential moving ads. Using insights from these tracking tools, Instapage can continually optimize and improve landing pages
for conversion.


After implementing personalized ad-to-page experiences for every geographic region, Atlantic saw an initial boost in conversions that steadily increased over time. Currently, Atlantic has achieved a 198% increase in conversions.

Instapage also streamlines the process of tracking and managing ad campaigns. Instapage’s scalable landing pages make it easy to monitor and update multiple landing pages at once, and ARS can view the success of their campaigns anytime on the platform’s analytics dashboard.

ARS has now developed a refreshed visual design for their landing pages based on best practices for conversion. According to ARS President Jon Schroeder, “Instapage captured the look and feel of our online advertising, but optimized it for higher conversions.” Along with the increase in conversion, Atlantic Relocation Systems has seen a 55% decrease in CPA, lowering costs for what was previously their highest ad spend.

ARS has been very satisfied with their investment in Instapage. Schroeder credited Instapage for “dramatically improv[ing] our advertising efficiency.” ARS now intends to expand their work with Instapage to create landing page experiences for their other lines of business, including their commercial moving services and their Affinity Vault product.

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