RealtyShares Cuts Customer Acquisition Costs in Half with AdWords Landing Pages

RealtyShares Cuts Customer Acquisition Costs
in Half with AdWords Landing Pages

RealtyShares uses Instapage to deploy SEM landing pages for multiple customer bases

Cost per customer acquisition fell by half
Cost per customer acquisition fell by half

while conversion rate doubled


Leads database increased

Estimated $190,000
Estimated $190,000

saved annually

Name: RealtyShares
Employees: 110+
Location: San Francisco, CA

RealtyShares is a real estate crowdfunding marketplace for individual and institutional investors. Through RealtyShares, investors can purchase shares in residential and commercial real estate properties. These shares are offered by real estate operators who are looking to quickly access capital for their projects. Investors can browse investment opportunities around the country and invest in deals with as little as $5,000.


Lower customer acquisition costs

Business Situation

RealtyShares customer base is comprised of individuals and business entities on both sides of the real estate and development transaction. Marketing to both investors and real estate operators means that their customer bases do not convert easily on a single homepage and under a single message. Simultaneously messaging to both audiences doubled both the marketing spend and the engineering team’s workload, as well as impeded their lead generation efforts.

RealtyShares needed a landing page solution that would allow them to deploy and A/B test landing pages that addressed their dual audiences and direct them down the correct funnels. They needed a platform that they could work in directly, rather than depend on the company’s limited and taxed engineering resources.

Scaling and Localizing AdWords Campaigns

RealtyShares began creating, publishing, and managing their digital campaigns within Instapage — immediately freeing engineering resources to tackle other high-value projects. In a matter of days, the marketing team created 22 SEM campaigns, deployed numerous landing pages based on their AdWords campaigns for local real estate markets, and doubled their conversion rate.

Accessing an Untapped Market

RealtyShares had never targeted the lucrative real estate brokers market. With Instapage, the marketing team was able to create personalized digital advertising campaigns that addressed this untapped market. Their customer acquisition efforts in this third segment increased leads in their database by 571%.


With 96 published pages personalized for each market segment, RealtyShares:


After moving their sign-up flows from the general website to Instapage landing pages, RealtyShares has cut their acquisition costs by half. RealtyShares has also been able to work more efficiently by not having to utilize engineering and developer resources, resulting in an estimated $190,000 saved annually.

Instapage is at the core of all of our marketing campaigns.

Hailey Friedman - Growth Marketing Manager

We run a lot of paid campaigns at RealtyShares. Instapage allows us to test new landing pages, which has lowered our customer acquisition across the board.

Mark Spera - Director of Marketing

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