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Customer Appreciation: Why We Go Above and Beyond for Our Users

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What is your company’s top metric?

For most, it’s revenue and marketshare. For others, visitors, leads, and customers are the top priority. For some, its number of units shipped. These are all viable and valuable priorities, but what really drives revenue and grows your customer base, and moves product is customer satisfaction.

At Instapage — landing page software platform customer satisfaction is a critical metric to measure success and move the company forward. Measuring satisfaction happens in many ways and in many places.

Last August, G2 Crowd released its annual A/B Testing and Personalization Usability Report and Instapage ranked 11th out of 50 companies who offer personalization products. The report was an opportunity to reflect on the previous 12 months and showcase some of the ways and reasons why customers love using Instapage.

This year the G2 Crowd A/B Testing and Personalization Usability Report is back and, thanks to our appreciative customers Instapage is in the top spot, beating out well-known companies like Optimizely, VWO, and Crazy Egg.

The report ranks products in the A/B Testing and Personalization space based on customer satisfaction in ease of use and ease of admin, customer responses to questions about meeting their requirements, and user adoption of the product:

customer appreciation G2 Crowd

Instapage also edged out the competition in a combination of customer satisfaction and market presence, according to a G2 Crowd analysis.

To calculate customer satisfaction and market presence, G2 Crowd uses data reported by authenticated users on its platform and social and public data, respectively. These two factors are combined to provide a look into what companies are driving the market and leading the A/B testing and advertising personalization industry.

This recognition is great and validates our longstanding commitment to delivering a better customer experience. Instapage has prioritized customer satisfaction from the start because customers are a crucial cog in the feedback loop that provides direction for the product and engineering teams, marketing messaging, and powers the customer success and support teams.

We’re all about customer appreciation

Instapage didn’t become the top A/B testing and personalization platform overnight. It took enormous effort and a lot of listening to customer feedback, good and bad, to get here. Instapage tracks Net Promoter Scores (NPS), conducts rigorous product and design research, interviews hundreds of users and potential users, generates countless customer support insight and feedback reports to learn and grow.

Instapage also invests in data analysis and learning from how Instapage customers use every aspect of the platform. Instapage even dove into its own data to provide insights for customers with the features the most successful customers use as well as the most forgotten features that contribute to lower post-click landing page conversion rates.

Sharing is caring

Success isn’t only about taking information in and analyzing it internally, though. We understand how hard it is to grow a business and become successful. With customers continually running tests Instapage accumulates a lot of data and hears about the challenges companies like yours face. All of this feedback is taken in, analyzed and shared so that customers can learn and grow alongside Instapage.

customer appreciation Instapage webinars

Some of the many free resources available include:

customer appreciation Facebook comment

And, it’s not just about resources for the marketing industry either. Continually improving the Instapage platform to deliver on the promise of lower customer acquisition costs and higher conversion rates is what drives product innovation.

New features in the past year

So what is it about Instapage that customers love? The builder is intuitive, and powerful. The analytics are straightforward, yet robust. The integrations are varied, yet practical.

customer appreciation tweet post-click landing page builder

Instapage has released a series of significant product updates since the 2016 report. Here are a few of the updates we announced in the past year:

customer appreciation Instapage best of breed

These features and solutions are on top of the core products that already existed within Instapage, such as robust analytics insights, A/B testing, and an ecosystem of integrations with the best marketing and advertising software.

Customer reviews

Customer appreciation doesn’t just come in the form of rankings and ratings from review sites, though. Customers offer appreciation frequently on social networks, via email, in customer support conversations, and through case studies.

These are but a handful of the things customers say on Twitter to show their appreciation:

customer appreciation Instapage agencies

customer appreciation Instapage customer support

customer appreciation Instapage support

customer appreciation Instapage partners

San Francisco SPCA

Working with the San Francisco SPCA was a highlight for the team. The SF SPCA created post-click landing pages on the Instapage platform to promote its pop-up event. The buzz from the pages led to hundreds of people stopping by the event, resulting in 375 pet adoptions that month, a new monthly high for the SF SPCA. The form on the post-click landing page also netted 152 new donors for the organization setting a course for success to keep its shelter doors open.

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand is a digital marketing agency in Southern California that focuses on scaling its creation of keyword-specific post-click landing pages. By quickly deploying post-click landing pages that match its ads, Lemonade Stand increased mobile conversions by 215% and reduced the cost-per-click on its Google Ads by 16%.


Real estate crowdfunding marketplace RealtyShares freed engineering resources by shifting post-click landing page development from engineering to Instapage. In a matter of days, the marketing team created 22 SEM campaigns with numerous post-click landing pages and doubled its conversion rate.

Lucid Agency

Lucid Agency, a digital marketing and design agency in Tempe, AZ, wrote a comprehensive overview of post-click landing page platforms, explaining why Instapage is their top choice.

customer appreciation Instapage agency review

We don’t take customer appreciation lightly

Customer praise isn’t new to Instapage. Our team is always humbled and grateful when the dedication to building the best post-click landing page platform on the market is recognized. Customer appreciation is what drives us to come back everyday to deliver a better product.

This doesn’t mean that our work is done. We’re only getting started. Our pursuit of providing customers with the best platform to build, analyze, test, and optimize post-click landing pages, is never-ending because our mission is to continually lower the cost of customer acquisition. Request an Instapage Enterprise demo today.

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See the Instapage Enterprise Plan in Action.

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