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The Instapage Platform Now Integrates with HubSpot

by Brandon Weaver in Instapage Updates

HubSpot single-handedly pioneered inbound marketing and sales by harnessing the power of content and understanding that “marketers are focused on attracting customers through content and interactions that are relevant and helpful.”

At Instapage we understand that content and those interactions are your first touch point with consumers — and it’s absolutely critical you create the best first impression.

Today we’re adding another marketing powerhouse to our list: HubSpot. This addition to the Instapage integrations ecosystem allows HubSpot users to create high-quality, modern post-click landing pages at scale, and automatically push converted leads into the HubSpot leads database. Together Instapage and HubSpot allow marketers to offer their customers a superior brand experience while enjoying higher conversions.

Doesn’t HubSpot have a post-click landing page tool?

Yes, HubSpot offers a post-click landing page tool in their all-in-one platform. Instapage complements HubSpot by offering new capabilities that allow marketers to build powerful post-click landing pages with modern design elements like hero banners, scrolling card layouts, background images and patterns, full-screen videos, and more.

With Instapage, users can create professional post-click landing pages on a blank canvas that produce a noticeable “wow” factor and inspire visitors to convert.

Consumers expect more

Consumers want to be inspired by their web and post-click landing page experience enough to feel compelled to act. Meaning, that in today’s competitive environment, creating the kinds of experiences that get users to convert has never been more paramount.

Marketers and designers need a platform that enables them to create modern, inspiring post-click landing pages. This requires a flexible builder; one that offers templates that can be fully manipulated, allows for pages to be created from scratch, and that makes it easy to incorporate elements like hero banners, long, scrolling card layouts, background images and patterns, large images, full-screen videos, etc.

Marketers (and HubSpot users) who need greater design flexibility, want to include contemporary design elements, and must fulfill higher stylistic standards, need a platform that will conform to their vision and enable them to create the kinds of modern post-click landing pages that consumers demand.

It’s more critical the above mentioned needs be meet when a marketer or designer is creating advertising post-click landing pages — pages that often offer a user their first experience with a brand.

The Instapage advantage

Instapage post-click landing pages are fully customizable, guaranteeing first-time visitors an accurate brand experience. Marketing teams, agencies, and designers have the freedom of designing on a “blank canvas” to quickly create modern, on-brand, higher converting post-click landing pages. Don’t take our word for it, take our customers’ — whose post-click landing pages enjoy an average conversion rate of 28%.

Our platform offers the advanced design features needed to build modern, high-quality post-click landing pages. Marketers can now build powerful post-click landing pages quickly without a developer.

The key feature and benefit of our HubSpot integration

With this new integration, marketers can map their post-click landing page form fields to HubSpot fields — seamlessly pushing leads from Instapage post-click landing pages to the HubSpot leads database.

How the HubSpot integration solves common pain points

Pain point #1:

I can do all my campaign related tasks within HubSpot. I don’t want to have to deal with two different software tools.

How the HubSpot integration solves it:

Instapage helps you build more advanced, better designed and higher converting post-click landing pages that seamlessly integrate with HubSpot.

Pain point #2:

As a HubSpot user, we would like to build high-quality, modern post-click landing pages.

How the HubSpot integration solves it:

With Instapage, marketers can build beautifully designed post-click landing pages at scale with quick turnarounds.

Pain point #3:

We need to build high quality, modern post-click landing pages and variations at scale to support our Google Ads program. We are often waiting on our development resources to deliver pages.

How the HubSpot integration solves it:

With Instapage, marketers can build beautifully designed post-click landing pages at scale, quickly, without depending on your developers.

Pain point #4:

We want to use Instapage to build post-click landing pages but need to manually import leads into our HubSpot database.

How the HubSpot integration solves it:

Instapage integrates with HubSpot to allow you to seamlessly send leads collected from the Instapage post-click landing pages to the HubSpot leads database.

Pain point #5

Design styles and trends keep changing, but my modular builder only allows me to create highly templated post-click landing pages.

How the HubSpot integration solves it:

The Instapage platform is intuitive, fully customizable, and continually updated so that your design vision can be made real. Our builder also provides you the ability to collaborate with your team members or clients to speed up the design review process, which gets your pages published faster and your leads pushed into your HubSpot leads database.

What HubSpot says about our partnership

At HubSpot, we’re dedicated to working with the best companies and tools around. We’re excited to work with Instapage to expand our post-click landing page capabilities for our customers and provide them with even more opportunities to generate leads.

– Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot.

How to setup your HubSpot integration

Integrating your forms with HubSpot is done the same way as other integrations. When editing your page in the builder, click on the form and then “Integrations” in the top bar. Then, select “HubSpot,” of which you’ll see the following screen (your company name will be listed, not Instapage):

This picture shows marketers how to setup the HubSpot integration with Instapage to send leads to the HubSpot database.

At this point, you’ll connect your HubSpot account by locating your list and mapping your fields. (Please note: Forms are integrated individually, so if your page includes multiple CTAs, you will need to integrate each form separately.)

Connect your post-click landing pages to your HubSpot database

We’ve heard from customers that integrating with HubSpot was a critical addition to our post-click landing page platform. This addition to the Instapage ecosystem allows HubSpot users to create a better brand experience, A/B test, and optimize personalized post-click landing pages at scale — while automatically pushing leads into your HubSpot leads database.

Start integrating your Instapage post-click landing pages with HubSpot today. Current Instapage customers can login here to integrate with HubSpot. If you’re new to Instapage, sign up for an Instapage Enterprise demo today.

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See the Instapage Enterprise Plan in Action.

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