From Layout to First Click: The Ultimate Landing Page Design Guide

by Fahad Muhammad in Instapage Updates

Designing a great post-click landing page from scratch can be very challenging if you’re not a designer. The list of questions you ask yourself when creating your page includes, but isn’t limited to, the following:

  • Should I include a sub-headline with my headline?
  • Is a gif or an image more appropriate to demo my product?
  • How much white space will I need for maximum visual impact?
  • What fonts are most legible and increase my chance of conversions?
  • How can I make my offer sound urgent?
  • How many fields should my form include and what should I require from visitors?
  • Do I need more than one CTA button?
  • What happens once visitors click the CTA button?

Those are some tough questions to answer especially when you’re short on time, and your marketing campaigns are suffering. The process of designing your page can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

At Instapage we believe every promotion deserves its own page. This is why we’re committed to providing marketers with comprehensive resources they need to create and A/B test professional, high-converting post-click landing pages.

Our newest resource, post-click landing page Design Best Practices is the perfect guide for all marketers and designers alike — whether you’re a novice post-click landing page creator or a seasoned veteran. In the guide, we hope you’ll find the answer to any post-click landing page design query you’ve ever had.

This picture shows readers Instapage's post-click landing page design best practices guide that teaches how to create high-converting post-click landing pages.

The guide contains ten chapters and is located in the Marketing Resources section of our website footer (along with other guides). Each chapter explains a different component of great post-click landing page design — providing all the post-click landing page information you need in one place.

Want a sneak peek? Here’s a chapter-by-chapter preview:

Chapter 1: Overview

The guide starts with the explanation of why post-click landing pages are crucial for all marketing campaigns, and how they have the power to acquire and retain customers. The chapter highlights why it’s important to have a single goal, and all elements must be designed to achieve that one goal.

Chapter 2: Using Psychology to Get Conversions

Leveraging conversion psychology the right way can persuade your visitors to click on the call-to-action button and fulfill your conversion goal. The chapter discusses Cialdini’s theory of influence along with a list of cognitive biases that have an impact on how visitors behave on your post-click landing page.

Chapter 3: Layouts

The chapter discusses the importance of placing post-click landing page elements in a particular order to maximize conversions. Detailed are the F-pattern and Z-pattern page layouts, the page fold, and reasons why your post-click landing page should have only one exit point.

Chapter 4: Copy

The chapter highlights how much copy is appropriate and why customer-centric copy is key to increasing post-click landing page conversions. Font styles and font types are also discussed and when to use Serif fonts versus Sans Serif fonts.

Chapter 5: Media

Should your post-click landing page include images, videos, or gifs? The chapter goes through all three media types while discussing situations when to use each type, along with their respective pros and cons.

Chapter 6: Using Colors

Colors have an influence on the choices we make; this includes your visitors choosing to click your CTA button. The chapter examines types of colors, the color wheel, and how to choose the best color combination for your post-click landing pages to maximize conversions.

Chapter 7: Using White Space

White space is an essential post-click landing page element that helps you draw attention to or highlight a specific page element. Learn the three functions white space performs on your page in this chapter.

Chapter 8: Forms

Lead capture forms are essential to collecting visitor information, which makes them essential for lead generation. This chapter discusses how to design forms that prospects don’t hesitate to fill out as well as the difference between multi-step forms and two-step opt-in forms.

Chapter 9: CTA Button

An optimized post-click landing page is not complete unless the call-to-action button is easily recognized and is relevant to the offer. Read this chapter to learn how position, size, color, and copy all work together to draw maximum attention to the button. Plus, learn when it is acceptable to have multiple CTA buttons.

Chapter 10: The Follow Up

The guide concludes with a chapter on your visitors’ post-click landing page — what happens after they’ve clicked the CTA button. It also demonstrates how an optimized thank you page and thank you email can make the right impression on your prospects, increase their engagement with your brand, and move further down the marketing funnel.

Ready to design your post-click landing page?

With this guide by your side, making great post-click landing page design decisions will no longer be a stressful experience. We’re confident the information will help empower you to create high-converting post-click landing pages more confidently over and over again.

Feel free to revisit the guide at your convenience, then start designing your next post-click landing page using the most customizable post-click landing page platform on the market.

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Fahad Muhammad

by Fahad Muhammad

Fahad is a Content Writer at Instapage specializing in advertising platforms, industry trends, optimization best practices, marketing psychology, and SEO. He has been writing about landing pages, advertising trends, and personalization for 10+ years.

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