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by Fahad Muhammad in Instapage Updates

Conversion rate optimization (CRO), can transform underperforming marketing campaigns into high-performing campaigns by continually persuading prospects to take action.

Our newest guide, What is Conversion Rate Optimization?, is the perfect resource for all marketers looking to gain, and retain, customers. In this new guide, you will learn:

  • How conversion rate optimization can optimize each stage of your marketing funnel
  • The appropriate steps to perform at different stages of the funnel
  • Data collection strategies to help you measure the impact of CRO on your funnel
  • Recent trends in conversion rate optimization supported by real examples

This picture shows the cover page for the new Conversion Rate Optimization guide from Instapage.

This nine chapter guide is located with other digital marketing guides in the Marketing Resources section of our website footer, listed as “CRO.” Here’s a preview of each chapter:

Chapter 1: What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

The guide begins by defining conversion rate optimization and breaking down the two components that make up CRO: conversion rate and optimization. It discusses the importance of conversion rate optimization for marketing campaigns and differentiates between conversion rate optimization and post-click landing page optimization.

Chapter 2: What are the Major Components of a CRO Strategy?

Chapter 2 describes the three main parts of the marketing funnel: top, middle, and bottom. Also described are the elements of conversion rate optimization for each stage, complete with email and post-click landing page examples.

Chapter 3: Components of an Optimized Ad

Chapter 3 provides deep insight into search and display ads and how to make them relevant to search users. Specifically, how ad extensions can optimize search ads and what elements to include in display ads to generate maximum clicks.

Chapter 4: Components of an Optimized post-click landing page

This chapter discusses why optimized post-click landing pages should be used for a single offer and the eight most important elements needed to design high-converting pages. Chapter 4 also highlights a variety of pages that demonstrate good design techniques.

Chapter 5: Components of an Optimized Homepage

A homepage may not be optimized for a single offer, but it is still a critical part of the marketing funnel. This chapter outlines the three primary functions of a homepage and explains how marketers can optimize their company’s homepage to convert visitors into customers.

Chapter 6: Components of an Optimized Post-click landing page

Failing to optimize the post-click landing page is often forgotten by a lot of marketers. This chapter explains why the post-click landing page is vital to establishing a relationship with prospects and how to optimize thank you pages and emails for sealing the conversion and retaining customers.

Chapter 7: Components of Optimized Remarketing Campaigns

Chapter 7 explains how remarketing (aka retargeting) works and how it can positively impact your marketing funnel. Also discussed are the goals of remarketing ads, the main elements required to create an effective ad, and why ads should be connected to post-click landing pages for best results.

Chapter 8: How to Collect Data for CRO

This chapter looks at the best methods of collecting data for marketing campaigns including the LIFT model, heat maps, and more. Chapter 8 concludes with A/B testing and why it’s a critical step to optimizing many components of your marketing funnel; specifically your website, post-click landing pages, and emails.

Chapter 9: Notable Conversion Rate Optimization Trends

The final chapter examines the latest trends in conversion rate optimization such as sticky elements, personalization, video marketing, and more. The chapter shows several real-world examples to help you decide which trends to implement in your own funnel.

Start optimizing your marketing funnel today

With this guide, you’ll be able to optimize your marketing funnel in ways you never thought possible. From your ads and post-click landing page to your post-click landing page and remarketing techniques, be sure to use this guide to optimize every stage of the marketing funnel.

Get started with the guide here and please share it with other marketing professionals. And don’t hesitate to refer to it as needed when optimizing your marketing funnel.

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Fahad Muhammad

by Fahad Muhammad

Fahad is a Content Writer at Instapage specializing in advertising platforms, industry trends, optimization best practices, marketing psychology, and SEO. He has been writing about landing pages, advertising trends, and personalization for 10+ years.

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