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Conversion Optimization

4 Examples of When You Should Use Long-Form Sales Pages

Your attention span is shorter than a goldfish’s attention span. Mine is too, according to recent research from Microsoft. …

Facebook Advertising

4 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Facebook Advertising

Businesses still don’t believe Facebook advertising is worth the investment. At least, that’s one takeaway from a new …

Conversion Optimization

Why Your Landing Page is Only 1/3 of the Conversion Equation

Throughout my years as a digital marketer, I’ve found nothing more damaging to small businesses than the misinformation …

Conversion Optimization

What is a Twitter Landing Page?

Have you ever been drawn into a store by an advertisement hanging in the window – only to get frustrated you can’t find the …

Facebook Advertising

7 Reasons Why Landing Pages are Better than Facebook Lead Ads

In case you haven’t heard, many marketers are getting excited over the development of Facebook “Lead Ads,” the new way for …

A/B Split Testing

5 Quick A/B Tests You Can Use to Improve Conversions

A/B testing increases conversion rates. This is a fact marketers both know and preach, but do they practice it themselves? …

Instapage Updates

How to Publish a Landing Page on WordPress

Do you own a website, and manage your content with a CMS? You’re probably a WordPress customer. While we’d like …

Landing Page Examples

100 Landing Page Examples to Model Your Next Page After

When it comes to developing an effective marketing strategy, many of us take cues from industry leaders. We examine the top …

Facebook Advertising

How to Create a Facebook Landing Page

Facebook is one of those things that can make a marketer whinge about the frustration of having to utilize someone else's …

Conversion Optimization

How to Build SEO-Friendly Landing Pages

We love helping people, like you, create high-converting landing pages. We preach building great pages that feature bold …