7 Landing Page Trends You Should Consider for Higher Conversion Rates

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Landing pages are where conversions happen. Yet, optimizing paid ads won’t have much of an impact on your advertising ROI if you don’t consider the post-click experience.

Creating landing pages for an optimized post-click experience involves more than just inserting a headline and a CTA button on a page. To ensure your pages are set up for conversions you should consider the latest landing page trends.

We reviewed hundreds of landing pages from multiple industries to bring you 7 landing page trends (showcased with examples) that you should consider this year.

Landing page trends to follow

The trends discussed below are user-friendly, innovative, and consistent with giving visitors a good user experience. This means all landing pages should have:

Landing page trend #1: Custom illustrations

Custom illustrations add personality to your landing page. The illustrations can also be used to tell a story and add a playful tone, which can make it more engaging for visitors.

You can add this design effect to make your page different from others in your industry. Qualaroo uses custom illustrations to demonstrate what users will learn from the guide:

Meanwhile, Lyft uses custom illustrations below to reinforce their branding and differentiate themselves from their primary competitor who showcases pictures of real people:

JOANY employs custom illustrations to showcase their brand ambassador, adding personality to the page:

BirdEye showcases illustrations to explain product features creatively, instead of simply adding screenshots:

LegalZoom features custom illustrations to add color and personality to a landing page that could’ve easily been boring considering all the tax talk:

Custom illustrations help inject fun, energy, and personality in your landing page; they can also be used to convey a more premium feel for your brand so add illustrations where it’s relevant to your offer.

Landing page trend #2: Minimalism/more blank space

Minimalism in web design stems from the ‘less is more’ philosophy. Showcase minimalism on landing pages by stripping down the pages to only the essential elements and by using more blank space to let the showcased elements have enough room to breathe.

Blank space or white space is the empty area on a page that helps draw attention or highlight a specific element. White space isn’t necessarily “white” space. Rather, it’s negative space, so it can be any color as long as it performs the functions it’s supposed to.

Uberflip uses minimalism to create a de-cluttered page focused on their free ‘own the journey’ guide:

Woodpecker features blank space to keep visitors focused on the headline, and add a contrasting button to convince visitors to click:

The background custom photography on both etouches and the Zebra landing pages add blank space to get visitors to focus on the headline.

First, etouches:

And the Zebra:

Minimalism helps you de-clutter your landing page, and keep visitors focused on the elements that make an impact on conversions.

Minimalism helps you de-clutter your landing page, and keep visitors focused on the elements that make an impact on conversions.

Landing page trend #3: Big, bold typography

Typography is a visual tool that helps add personality, evoke emotion, and set a tone on your landing page while promoting your offer.

Combining large letters, contrasting serif and sans serif fonts in headlines and body copy effectively creates dynamic parallels on your landing page which increases visitor engagement.

For Shopify, big, bold typography along with ample white space creates an engaging and visually appealing landing page:

Landing page trend #4: Bright, vibrant color schemes

Instead of opting for web-safe colors, a lot of landing pages now focus on supersaturation and vibrant shades of color that instantly gratify visitors. The bright colors instantly capture, and hold, visitor attention.

This is what ChartMogul does with their landing page:

Landing page trend #5: Vertical split page design

A vertical split landing page layout allows you to divide elements into two groups, increasing readability and organizing your page from unwanted clutter.

A vertical split layout provides you with more space to narrate a story for your visitors.

Slack demonstrates this by explaining benefits of the service via copy on the left and custom illustrations on the right:

This is the same approach Sleeknote takes with their landing page:

Use vertical layouts to your advantage and convince visitors to click the CTA button in a more innovative, creative, and compelling way.

Landing page layout #6: Drop shadows and depth

Drop shadows add depth to page elements and create a 3D effect that gives an illusion of a world beyond the page. This shadow play helps create a versatile effect that increases the visual appeal of the page and helps user experience by providing emphasis to specific elements.

QuickBooks adds drop shadows and depth around its landing page imagery to give a 3D effect:

Roadmunk does the same on their landing page:

Enhance the visual appeal of your landing page, add drop shadows and depth to create a 3D effect visitors can’t help but appreciate.

Landing page trend #7: Particle backgrounds

Want to include a video background on your landing page, but concerned about page performance issues? Use particle backgrounds instead.

Particle backgrounds are lightweight JavaScript animations that create movement as a natural part of the background, so they don’t take time to load. This design component also attracts visitor attention because not only do they add the video effect on the page, but also make your page memorable.

Scout employs a particle background to showcase the benefits of the service:

Use particle background animations to share your narrative with visitors and persuade them to click the CTA button without any page speed problems.

Are your landing pages on trend?

Whether you’re creating landing pages to promote a free trial, an ebook or get attendees for your next webinar, make sure each page resonates with the audience so they stick around long enough to take the action you want.

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