Landing Page Design Best Practices

Chapter 10

The Follow Up

What happens after visitors fill out your lead capture form and click the CTA button?

Do you abandon your visitors until you can target them with your next offer? Or do you do the smart thing and take advantage of the post-conversion time to strengthen your relationship with them?

Thank you pages help you maintain a good relationship with leads after they convert. With thank you pages you’re able to reinforce the notion that their decision to do business with you was the right decision.

Besides thanking the visitor for submitting the form, these pages typically inform the person of next steps, request they follow you on social media, or offer them something else they may find useful that pushes them further down the funnel.

The Upwork webinar post-click landing page does just that after you convert:

Upon submission, you are directed to their Thank you page:

The page doesn’t just thank you for registering for the webinar. It also encourages you to check out other resources on their website. The page footer also contains links to their social media profiles to make it easy for visitors to engage with Upwork even further.

Beyond sending prospects to a thank you page, another good practice during the post-click conversion is to send a Thank you email. For example, in a webinar registration thank you email, you can also use this opportunity to confirm you’ve saved their spot and send them a reminder of how they can join the presentation along with any technical requirements needed to participate.

Upwork does both in its thank you email:

Make sure you don’t abandon your visitors post-click. Instead, strengthen your relationship with them on a Thank you page and continue the engagement process with a thank you email because every touch point matters.

post-click landing pages are invaluable tools that help you generate leads for your marketing campaigns. When designed properly, post-click landing pages have the power to fill your sales funnel with more leads than your home page or product page ever could.

To put these post-click landing page design best practices into action, build your own page by signing up for an Instapage account, today.

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