The Vita Companies


increase in webinar registrations


increase in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)


increase in client engagement

Name: The Vita Companies
Employees: 70
Location: Mountain View, California

Vita is a full-spectrum professional brokerage firm in the employee benefits industry. Vita helps businesses craft the benefits packages and personal financial planning options that are best suited for their customer’s workforce.


Generate a higher number of Marketing Qualified Lead (MQLs); increase client engagement rate

Business situation

Vita’s main driver for lead generation, the company’s educational webinars, had plateaued with average registrations. The registration system had minimal branding or personality and was not optimized for search engines. For Vita’s clients, the high volume of custom printed collateral was difficult to keep updated and engaging. It was time for a change.

Nurturing the customer

After teaming with Instapage, The Vita Companies saw webinar registration numbers steadily increase. With a unique post-click landing page created for each webinar, along with integration capabilities with Vita’s registration system, prospective registrants could find the pages via a search engine, engage with the content, and more easily convert. The heightened level of customer engagement allowed The Vita Companies to better curate their content to best fit the client’s wants and needs.

Keeping up with client demands

Using Instapage, the Vita Companies was able to craft completely customized post-click landing pages for their clients. These experiences supply Vita and their clients with exact engagement metrics and data-driven results of each page’s target communication goal. The marketing team was able to quickly and easily update multiple post-click landing pages and were better able to meet the quick turnaround times and high expectations from their clients.


With 61 client post-click landing pages, 26 webinar experiences, and 23 single-event post-click landing pages created, published, and managed with the Instapage platform, The Vita Companies have experienced impressive growth:


The Instapage benefit to The Vita Companies’ marketing efforts was manifold: the marketing team was able to increase both webinar registrations and the company’s client engagement rate while getting a closer glimpse into what content drives their customers to engage with the brand.

Communicating effectively with our client’s employees is a crucial indicator of our success. Before Instapage, we would determine engagement with traditional polling. Now, I can see exact engagement metrics in real time. Not only has our engagement rate increased 220%, but our clients, and their employees, are infinitely happier.

Michael Muldoon - Director of Marketing

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