Verizon Digital Media Services optimizes post-click landing pages
for better conversions with the help of a dedicated CSM

Decreased cost per conversion

by 53%

Decreased cost per click

by $1.42

Increased conversion rate

by 68%

Name: Verizon Digital Media Services
Employees: 5,000+
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) is one of the largest, most reliable content delivery networks. It brings together world-class technology to prepare, deliver, and display content so that users can watch and enjoy on their terms. VDMS’ platform streamlines the process of encoding and delivering video and accelerates websites and content for broadcasters, retailers, and enterprises.

Business situation

VDMS typically created post-click landing pages one of two ways: WordPress or Pardot. Both were limited in design customizability, integration capabilities, and optimization features. With an average of two to three experiences running for each ad group, VDMS’ marketing team needed a better option for designing conversion-ready pages and optimizing the post ad-click experience. The set of products that Instapage offered was just what Verizon needed to transform its digital advertising and maximize its conversions.

Test and optimize to increase ROI

VDMS used the Instapage heatmaps and A/B testing features to gain the ultra-specific information the team needed to increase conversions. The VDMS team tracked visitor mouse movement and scroll depth using heatmaps to determine which elements of their post-click landing pages they should test. With the A/B testing feature, VDMS validated which elements on its page experiences performed better. The ability to see visitor behavior first-hand and experiment with multiple variations has cut their cost per conversion by more than 50%.

Better utilization of ad budget

VDMS drives traffic to its post-click landing pages primarily using Google Ads (formerly AdWords,) LinkedIn advertising, and banner advertising on third-party publishing sites. Rather than increasing its ad budget to boost campaign results, VDMS focused on optimizing its existing budget with Instapage. By better utilizing VDMS’ large ad budget, the team has gotten more conversions and lowered their cost per click, which has saved them money in the long run.

Enterprise-level customer support

VDMS depends on its Customer Success Manager for the projects that require a bit more customization and support. A dedicated CSM and the Instapage Professional Services team have assisted with a variety of tasks that directly contribute to VDMS’ page performance: setting up a Pardot integration using WebHooks, embedding HTML videos on post-click page experiences, publishing mobile post-click pages, and streamlining data analytics for the team. VDMS’ CSM is the quick and efficient resource that the team needs to deploy fully customized advertising programs.


As a company with a high-velocity advertising operation, VDMS has made more with what it already had using Instapage:


Verizon Digital Media Services found its post ad-click optimization solution with Instapage. By deploying conversion-tested post-click landing pages for its advertising programs, VDMS has improved the return on its ad spend and produced better conversion results than ever before.

Instapage is all about getting more conversions and paying less for it. It’s nice to have all of the design functionality and be able to build faster, but at the end of the day, it has to produce results. Instapage does that for us.

Aaron Smith - Former SEO & SEM Specialist

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