How the Zenefits Marketing Team Uses Landing Pages to Grow Their Customer Base

How the Zenefits Marketing Team Uses Landing Pages to Grow Their Customer Base

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In the modern-day workplace, tens of thousands of businesses use Zenefits to empower their employees, manage change, and stay compliant with regulations. That’s because this all-in-one, fully-digital HR platform delivers the most optimal HR experience for today’s small and medium businesses.

To get to where it is today, part of Zenefits’ marketing strategy includes using post-click landing pages to generate brand awareness, grow their email lists, establish thought leadership, and obtain customers.

In this article, we’ll examine 7 examples to show how Zenefits uses optimized post-click landing pages to substantially increase conversion rates. Before we do that, though, here’s a quick reminder.

What is a post-click landing page?

A post-click landing page is a standalone web page that uses persuasive elements such as compelling headlines, hero shots, social proof, and CTA buttons to convince visitors to take action on a specific offer. That action could be to download an ebook, register for an event or webinar, sign up for a free trial or demo, and more.

7 Zenefits marketing post-click landing page examples

(Keep in mind, for shorter pages, we’ve displayed the entire page. For longer pages, we’ve only shown above the fold, so you’ll need to click through to the page to see some of the points we discuss. Also, some of these pages may be undergoing A/B testing with an alternate version than is displayed below.)

1. To promote their Shift event

Zenefits hosted an event in San Francisco on September 21 called SHIFT: The Culture Conference. To increase attendance, Zenefits’ marketing efforts include promoting this event across several of their social media platforms.

Here’s their Facebook cover photo. Notice how the description includes brief, compelling copy about the event, as well as a link to the signup page:

Zenefits marketing Event, Shift - Facebook cover photo

Here’s a Tweet they pinned, which also contains a link to the event signup page in the description:

Zenefits marketing Event, Shift - Twitter post

When visitors click either one of these links, they’re brought to this post-click landing page to learn about and register for the event:

Zenefits marketing Event, Shift

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

2. To advertise their On Tour event

Zenefits marketing Event, Tour

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

3. To encourage webinar registrations

Zenefits marketing Webinar

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

4. To generate guide downloads

Zenefits marketing Guide

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

5. To offer ebook downloads

Zenefits marketing Ebook.png

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

6. To gain partnerships

Zenefits marketing Partner Network

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

7. To increase account signups

Zenefits marketing Account Signup

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

How Zenefits optimizes their conversion process

While many businesses believe their website or post-click landing page is a surefire way to create a customer base, creating a powerful post-click landing page is only one part of a three-part conversion equation.

Those three parts include generating post-click landing page traffic, creating your post-click landing page, and following up with a thank you page and/or email.

Here’s how Zenefits delivered all three parts of the conversion equation for a conference they held last October.

First, they used this email to introduce the offer and drive traffic to their post-click landing page:

Zenefits marketing Step 1- email

Notice how the email contains vital information about the event, as well as a compelling CTA button that takes prospects to this signup post-click landing page:

Zenefits marketing Step 2- post-click landing page

Once visitors completed the form and committed to the event, Zenefits used this thank you page to confirm registration, show gratitude for signing up, and encourage them to share the event:

Zenefits marketing Step 3- thank you

It’s clear from this example that Zenefits understands how to guide visitors down a path to conversion.

Let Zenefits marketing inspire your next post-click landing page

It’s clear Zenefits knows that optimized, dedicated post-click landing pages are integral to increasing business success. Zenefits marketing strategy relies heavily on post-click landing pages to advertise events, inspire account signups, encourage resource downloads, and more.

You, too, can grow your business by creating professional, optimized post-click landing pages for every one of your offers. Get started with Instapage today, and our designer-friendly platform and 100% customizable templates will have you creating high-converting post-click landing pages in just minutes.

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