How the Zenefits Marketing Team Uses Landing Pages to Grow Their Customer Base

by Stephanie Mialki in Landing Page Examples

In the modern-day workplace, tens of thousands of businesses use Zenefits to empower their employees, manage change, and stay compliant with regulations. That’s because this all-in-one, fully-digital HR platform delivers the most optimal HR experience for today’s small and medium businesses.

To get to where it is today, part of Zenefits’ marketing strategy includes using post-click landing pages to generate brand awareness, grow their email lists, establish thought leadership, and obtain customers.

In this article, we’ll examine 7 examples to show how Zenefits uses optimized post-click landing pages to substantially increase conversion rates. Before we do that, though, here’s a quick reminder.

What is a post-click landing page?

A post-click landing page is a standalone web page that uses persuasive elements such as compelling headlines, hero shots, social proof, and CTA buttons to convince visitors to take action on a specific offer. That action could be to download an ebook, register for an event or webinar, sign up for a free trial or demo, and more.

7 Zenefits marketing post-click landing page examples

(Keep in mind, for shorter pages, we’ve displayed the entire page. For longer pages, we’ve only shown above the fold, so you’ll need to click through to the page to see some of the points we discuss. Also, some of these pages may be undergoing A/B testing with an alternate version than is displayed below.)

1. To promote their Shift event

Zenefits hosted an event in San Francisco on September 21 called SHIFT: The Culture Conference. To increase attendance, Zenefits’ marketing efforts include promoting this event across several of their social media platforms.

Here’s their Facebook cover photo. Notice how the description includes brief, compelling copy about the event, as well as a link to the signup page:

Zenefits marketing Event, Shift - Facebook cover photo

Here’s a Tweet they pinned, which also contains a link to the event signup page in the description:

Zenefits marketing Event, Shift - Twitter post

When visitors click either one of these links, they’re brought to this post-click landing page to learn about and register for the event:

Zenefits marketing Event, Shift

What the page does well:

  • Important details about the event — name, date, location, and event highlights — are listed above the fold.
  • The four links on the left side of the page (and then across the top once users begin to scroll) are anchor tags, taking visitors to that specific section of this post-click landing page when clicked.
  • The “Save your spot” CTA buttons use urgency to make prospects feel pressured and compelled to register before all spots are filled.
  • Keynote speakers — complete with a headshot, full name, affiliation, and position — shows visitors exactly who will be presenting at the event.
  • A complete agenda lets potential guests know exactly what their day will look like if they attend Shift. The red plus signs open popup windows to provide even more detailed information without filling the post-click landing page with overwhelming amounts of copy.
  • Company logos from sponsors serve as trust signals and likely encourage more visitors to want to attend to hear from them.
  • Live streaming the event is smart because even people who can’t attend Shift in person will likely still sign up.

What could be A/B tested:

  • The Zenefits logos in the top-right and right-side are hyperlinked to the homepage, making it an easy escape route off the page.
  • The “Register” CTA button could be reworded to something more specific like, “Live stream the event”.
  • Changing the color of the CTA buttons to a more contrasting one would help it stand out and generate more conversions.
  • The “L SEP” boxes in the “Expo & Cocktail Reception” and “Location” sections appear to be mistakes and make the page look less professional.
  • Highlighting that the event is free earlier on would likely persuade more people to register. This is a huge selling point, and visitors don’t learn this until they get all the way down to the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.
  • Social share buttons and footer links could also take visitors away from the page without converting.

2. To advertise their On Tour event

Zenefits marketing Event, Tour

What the page does well:

  • Important details about the event — date, location, and event highlights — are listed above the fold.
  • Urgency and scarcity are used in the form headline and the CTA buttons to make prospects feel compelled to register for the event before all spots are filled.
  • The image of Chicago is crisp and clear, adding visual appeal to the page.
  • The Keynote Speakers section — complete with a headshot, full name, and position — shows visitors exactly who will be presenting at the event.
  • The agenda informs potential guests how long the event will run, and what their evening will look like if they attend.
  • Sponsor logos serve as trust signals.
  • The Event Details section provides further information about the event in snackable chunks, as to not overwhelm visitors with too much copy.
  • A second CTA button at the bottom of the page is an anchor tag that brings prospects back to the top of the page to complete the form.

What could be A/B tested:

  • The Zenefits logo and footer links are escape routes from the page, potentially reducing conversion rates.
  • “L SEP” boxes make the page look less professional. If this is an error, it needs to be addressed.
  • The video at the bottom of the page opens a new window that links to YouTube, which could remove prospects from the page.

3. To encourage webinar registrations

Zenefits marketing Webinar

What the page does well:

  • The click-to-call phone number in the top-right provides for an optimal user experience.
  • The headline immediately tells visitors what the webinar is called.
  • Displaying the duration of the webinar lets prospects know exactly how much time they’ll have to set aside to watch it.
  • Using bullet points is a post-click landing page best practice that this page implements to help draw attention to the “snapshot of the mobile landscape” section.
  • Encapsulating the form helps it stand out and likely encourages more people to complete it.
  • 5-form fields are reasonable for an offer in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • The orange CTA button “pops” because it contrasts well with the rest of the colors on the page.
  • The “Event Speakers” section introduces Grace Kuo — complete with her headshot, position, and background — so prospects know who they’ll be hearing from during the webinar.

What could be A/B tested:

  • The header and footer navigation is distracting and could remove visitors from the page without seeing the entire offer and hopefully convert.
  • “TLDR” in the copy should be written out because not all visitors will know what it stands for.
  • The complete presentation transcript is far too much copy for a post-click landing page. Including this as a part of the offer is a good idea, but displaying it all on the post-click landing page itself is very overwhelming for visitors.
  • The CTA button copy could be improved to something more enticing, like “Save my seat!”
  • The demo offer should be removed from this page and have its own dedicated post-click landing page instead.

4. To generate guide downloads

Zenefits marketing Guide

What the page does well:

  • The headline immediately tells visitors what this guide is about — each states’ commuter benefits.
  • Bullet points with minimal copy allow visitors to scan the page to quickly find out what the guide includes.
  • The image provides visitors with a preview of what the guide cover looks like. This is also where they can see the title of the guide.
  • Enframing the form helps it stand out on the white page.
  • The orange CTA button is very attention-grabbing because the rest of the page is white and gray.
  • The arrow on the CTA button acts as a visual cue, letting prospects know that there’s more waiting for them beyond this page.
  • Colin Anawaty’s testimonial helps instill trust in visitors and encourages them to download the guide.

What could be A/B tested:

  • Exit links — the Zenefits logo at the top of the page and links in the footer — could send visitors away from the page before they have a chance to download the guide.
  • Removing form fields, like the number of employees and role, might increase conversions. This information probably isn’t necessary for someone to download a guide.
  • The CTA button copy could be more specific and personalized. “Send my guide” or “I want the guide” would likely resonate well with prospects.

5. To offer ebook downloads

Zenefits marketing Ebook.png

What the page does well:

  • The benefit-oriented headline acknowledges a problem that visitors are likely to be facing and provides a solution.
  • Minimal copy with a bulleted list allows visitors to quickly scan the page to discover what the ebook includes.
  • Enframing the lead capture form helps it stand out on the white page.
  • The arrow on the CTA button acts as a directional cue.
  • The customer testimonial is a nice inclusion, but it’s the same as the one from the previous example. Including a different one might make it more effective.

What could be A/B tested:

  • The company logo and footer links serve as exit links and could remove people from the page prematurely.
  • The image is too small to provide any value. Enlarging it so the copy is legible would make it more effective.
  • The Free Ebook sticker blends in with the image of the ebook because they’re the exact same color. Changing it to something more contrasting would help highlight the “free” component.
  • The CTA button color is the same as the ebook image, which takes away from its ability to grab visitors’ attention. Changing it to another color, like green would make it stand out more.
  • The CTA button copy is vague. Highlighting that the ebook is free would be a good idea since most people love free offers.

6. To gain partnerships

Zenefits marketing Partner Network

What the page does well:

  • A click-to-call phone number makes it easy for visitors to contact the company with any questions about the offer.
  • The page headline is benefit-oriented, persuading visitors that their business will grow when they partner with Zenefits.
  • The form headline is specific and action-oriented, letting prospects know exactly what they’re supposed to do on this post-click landing page.
  • Encapsulating the form with color contrast helps it to stand out on the page.
  • The number of form fields is appropriate for this type of offer, as Zenefits will want to make sure prospects are serious about partnering with them.
  • Multiple orange CTA buttons stand out on the page and are likely to grab visitors’ attention.
  • Small chunks of copy throughout the page explain the benefits of partnering with Zenefits and help convince prospects to partner with Zenefits instead of with Zenefits’ competitors.
  • Bullet points draw attention to the most important pieces of information.
  • The “Pricing” section lets visitors know what each of Zenefits pricing plans includes, and gives them the option to choose which package they prefer. Also, “See all features” in this section expands the box to display a detailed list of each plan, so the page isn’t filled with overwhelming copy.
  • The image of the computer provides prospects with a clear preview of what the Zenefits dashboard looks like.
  • The CTA button beneath the image is an anchor link that takes visitors back up to the top of the page to complete the form.
  • The woman’s eye gaze in the video is pointed directly at her testimonial, which subconsciously encourages prospects to look there as well.

What could be A/B tested:

  • Header and footer navigation is very distracting and could take visitors off the page without converting.
  • The woman’s eye gaze in the image could be redirected to the lead capture form to compel prospects to look there.
  • The bulleted list in “The Platform” section is hyperlinked to a variety of other web pages.
  • The headline of “The Platform” section is worded awkwardly. Rather than, “integrates all of the HR and benefits functions”, it should read, “integrates all of the HR benefits and functions.”
  • The video opens a new window that links to YouTube, which could potentially remove prospects from this page completely.

7. To increase account signups

Zenefits marketing Account Signup

What the page does well:

  • The headline explains exactly what this offer is for, and highlights that creating an account is free.
  • Listing the password requirements helps provide a better user experience.
  • The unchecked agreement box ensures prospects are aware of Zenefits’ terms and privacy policy.
  • The orange CTA button is attention-grabbing because the rest of the page is white and gray.
  • The up-to-date copyright increases credibility and lets visitors know that this offer is still valid.

What could be A/B tested:

  • The hyperlinked logo at the top of the page could increase the bounce rate and decrease the conversion rate.
  • The “Back” button should be removed. It doesn’t actually take people to a previous page, but it is distracting.
  • “Sign Up” on the CTA button could be improved to something more compelling, like “Create my free account!”
  • Links in the footer are also distracting, and could take people away from this post-click landing page before they sign up for an account.
  • Adding social proof, such as a customer testimonial or customer logos, would likely increase conversion rates on this page.

How Zenefits optimizes their conversion process

While many businesses believe their website or post-click landing page is a surefire way to create a customer base, creating a powerful post-click landing page is only one part of a three-part conversion equation.

Those three parts include generating post-click landing page traffic, creating your post-click landing page, and following up with a thank you page and/or email.

Here’s how Zenefits delivered all three parts of the conversion equation for a conference they held last October.

First, they used this email to introduce the offer and drive traffic to their post-click landing page:

Zenefits marketing Step 1- email

Notice how the email contains vital information about the event, as well as a compelling CTA button that takes prospects to this signup post-click landing page:

Zenefits marketing Step 2- post-click landing page

Once visitors completed the form and committed to the event, Zenefits used this thank you page to confirm registration, show gratitude for signing up, and encourage them to share the event:

Zenefits marketing Step 3- thank you

It’s clear from this example that Zenefits understands how to guide visitors down a path to conversion.

Let Zenefits marketing inspire your next post-click landing page

It’s clear Zenefits knows that optimized, dedicated post-click landing pages are integral to increasing business success. Zenefits marketing strategy relies heavily on post-click landing pages to advertise events, inspire account signups, encourage resource downloads, and more.

You, too, can grow your business by creating professional, optimized post-click landing pages for every one of your offers. Sign up for an Instapage Enterprise demo today.

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