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Persistence Pays Off: Check Out Our Remarketing Guide & Win Back Visitors

by Fahad Muhammad in Advertising This featured image shows how to setup remarketing campaign.

Remarketing campaigns present you with the opportunity to call back the 96% of visitors who’ve navigated from your website without converting.

Yes, it’s true only 4% of visitors convert on your website during their first visit.

With the help of remarketing campaigns, you target specific ads to visitors with the goal of convincing them to convert for your offer. The campaigns help remind and convince visitors who weren’t initially ready to convert how your offer helps solve their problem.

Don’t know how to create and run optimized remarketing campaigns? Our comprehensive “What is Remarketing” guide shows you exactly that.

The remarketing guide includes:

  • The types of remarketing campaigns you can run to call back lost visitors.
  • The two main methods of gathering data for remarketing campaigns.
  • How to set up and run remarketing campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook and Bing Ads.
  • The process involved in creating optimized remarketing ads and post-click landing pages.
  • Which metrics measure the success of remarketing campaigns.

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To access the complete remarketing guide, click the image above, or click directly on a chapter that piques your interest by clicking on the links below.

Here is a brief chapter-by-chapter summary of each section contained within the remarketing guide:

Chapter 1: What is Remarketing?

The guide begins by defining what remarketing campaigns are and why they are an important part of your overall marketing strategy. The first chapter also discusses the difference (if any) between remarketing and retargeting campaigns. And showcases with the help of a successful Chubbies remarketing campaign, why you should use remarketing to convince lost visitors to come back.

Chapter 2: Types of Remarketing Campaigns

The chapter goes into detail about the types of remarketing campaigns you can use to reach out to visitors with targeted ads or emails who have left webpages without buying. The remarketing campaign types discussed in the chapter include standard remarketing, dynamic remarketing, remarketing lists for search ads, video remarketing, and email remarketing. All the types of campaigns are discussed alongside real-world examples.

Chapter 3: How Do You Gather Data for Remarketing Campaigns?

There are two basic methods for audience collection in remarketing – pixel-based remarketing and list-based remarketing. The chapter discusses the two audience collection techniques in detail and also highlights campaign goals and how to segment visitors for remarketing.

Chapter 4: How Do You Set Up Remarketing Campaigns?

The chapter discusses the steps involved in creating and running successful remarketing campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook and Bing Ads. Also, described in the section are the unique features of each advertising platform that help you run better, more optimized campaigns.

Chapter 5: How to Optimize Remarketing Ads and post-click landing pages

The chapter outlines and explains with the help of examples the components of an optimized remarketing ad. It also discusses why you should connect all your remarketing ads to dedicated post-click landing pages instead of a busy homepage.

Chapter 6: How to Measure Success in Remarketing

From nurture touches to view through conversions, this chapter discusses all the important metrics you need to consider to measure the success of your remarketing campaigns.

Check out the full guide and increase your advertising ROI

The remarketing guide provides all the necessary information required to start efficiently running your remarketing campaigns. Don’t miss out on a valuable conversion opportunity, create an optimized remarketing ad and connect it to a dedicated post-click landing page to get back what you’ve lost.

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by Fahad Muhammad

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