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New Feature: Capture More Leads and Boost Conversions with Instapage Popups

by Saranya Babu in Instapage Updates New Feature: Capture More Leads and Boost Conversions with Instapage Popups

Although popups have had a bad rap for years, they work—this is probably why you still see them popping up everywhere.

When designed with the right message and offer, and triggered at the right time the banners give you a chance to collect leads and generate conversions. On your landing pages, popups help you capture top-of-the-funnel leads with a secondary CTA. You can also use popups to give users a chance to download free resources in exchange for their email address.

The banners ensure that you increase your chances of engaging with visitors who land on your page. Want your landing pages to do the same? Instapage just took care of that for you.

Instapage is happy to announce the launch of popups—you can easily create page popups from within the Instapage builder.

This image shows how to turn on the toggle Enable Popup which will open the window to customize your popup

Here are the different types of popups you can now launch with Instapage.

Entry popups

An Entry popup is one that appears right when the visitor arrives on the landing page. This type of popup is commonly used to alert users of discounts and other offers.

Entry popups work by requiring visitors to take action, such as filling out a form or closing the popup, before accessing the rest of the page. You can use these popups on your product landing pages, webinar pages, and free trial pages.

Exit intent popups

Exit intent popups are triggered by detecting signs that a visitor is about to exit the page such as moving the cursor towards the browser’s close button. Typically the popup has a top of the funnel, low-commitment offer, such as subscribing to a recurring newsletter, or signing up for a white paper, etc.

The popups are an effective way to squeeze more conversions out of your campaigns to boost ROAS.

With this type of banner you can acquire top funnel leads that are not yet ready to convert for your main CTA. By capturing their email address instead of letting them bounce, you can nurture them and qualify them for conversion at a later date.

Scroll triggered popups

Scroll triggered popups appear at a certain percentage of scroll depth on the page. They are perfect to add on long-form sales pages and longer product landing pages. It is a good idea to sprinkle popups at various scroll depths to capture the lead with a variety of different CTAs.

By offering a variety of different CTAs, you can increase the probability of converting the leads at all different stages in the funnel. Some popular uses for this type of popup are email opt-ins, surveys, asset downloads, promo offers, newsletter signups etc.

Timed popups

Timed popups are triggered after a certain time has elapsed on a page. The longer the visitor stays, the more engaged they are and the easier it is to convert them. So these timed popups can be a great way to make sure that highly engaged visitors don’t leave the site without converting. You can also test various CTAs in a timed sequence to see what works for different audiences.

Timed popups are also a great way to guide the user to complete a multi-step experience to nudge them when they are taking too long to complete a certain step or get distracted.

Boost your landing page conversions with Instapage popups

If you’re looking to capture more leads on your landing pages, Instapage popups are a powerful tool to help you do that. Use popups to craft compelling visuals and messages that grab attention without cluttering your space.

Learn how to create and add a popup to your landing page within the Instapage app here.

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