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5 Tools for Fixing Landing Page Load Speed Problems

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Slow loading pages can kill your conversions. Your landing page copy could be stellar, your headline impactful, and your offer compelling, but none of that will matter if your page loads too slowly and impatient users bounce before they even see your page.

Page speeds are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to bounces. Speed often has more impact on your campaign’s conversions than any other factor. Even a one-second delay in page load time can cause a drop in your conversions. If you think you have a page speed problem you should make diagnosing and fixing it a top priority.

There are so many elements on a page that could be slowing down your loading speed. To improve your landing page load time, you’ll need to correctly diagnose and identify the issue or issues that slow your page down. Once you’ve identified the problems, you can assess what issues you can fix retroactively and identify issues to avoid in future designs.

These page load speed tools will help you diagnose and fix landing page load speed problems, so users never bounce before your page has loaded.

Google Speed Test: Page Speed Insights

A Google Speed Test using Page Speed Insights is an excellent place to get started to quickly and easily test a web page’s speed. This free Google page load speed tool provides recommendations for page speed improvements and scores your page from 0 to 100 points. The higher your score, the more optimized for speed your site is. A score above 85 is a positive indication that your page is performing well. Anything lower indicates you have some work to do.

Think With Google: Test My Site

Test My Site is the mobile version of the Page Speed Insights tool. It will allow you to easily test how quickly a visitor can use your page on a mobile device. We are now in a mobile-first world, so it’s not enough to have a fast website on a desktop. Your landing pages need to be fast on a typical mobile connection as well. Just enter a page URL and in less than a minute, you’ll get a list of any mobile usability problems that the tool finds.

Website Page Test

Website Page Test is a completely free and open-source website performance monitoring tool. This tool is similar to Google’s Page Speed Insights, but it also allows you to test connection throttling and run customized tests. You can even save and view your test history later if you create a free profile on the website.


GZIP Test is a simple online compression testing tool. As the name suggests, it will allow you to check if GZIP compression works properly on your website. The bigger your files, the longer content takes to load for users. Compressing files and images is often a quick way to reduce page speed load times. The simple compression audit will allow you to quickly find out just how much image compression could improve your landing page speed.

Thor Render Engine™

The Thor Render Engine™ is a comprehensive solution that will go one step further than telling you all your page speed issues. While free tools like Page Speed Insights are great at diagnosing problems, the recommendations still need to be implemented. Ultimately, it’s then up to your team to make the necessary changes to improve page speed load times.

Instapage’s Thor Render Engine™ will help you solve the issues found with some of these other page speed tools, so you can quickly put page speed recommendations into practice. The technology works silently behind the scenes rewriting landing pages to help make them responsive and load instantly.

Your team can sit back while the Thor Render Engine™ technology changes your landing page’s HTML structure, JavaScript, CSS Refactoring, and Responsiveness. This technology enables our client’s landing pages to score 100 on Google’s PageSpeed Insights and have the first contentful paint loaded in just 0.2 seconds.

Enjoy faster loading pages with the Thor Render Engine™

Landing page speed has a big impact on user experience and, ultimately, your bottom line. With Thor Render Engine™ Instapage provides your visitors with a better user experience for mobile browsing and lowers your landing page bounce rates.

Fix more than page speed problems and fully optimize your landing pages with the help of Instapage. Instapage takes the stress out of building, optimizing, and converting. With three plans each priced accordingly, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your landing page goals. Schedule an Instapage demo here.

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