4 Tips for Building a Comprehensive Growth Strategy

by Hunter Sunrise in Conversion Optimization

Nearly every company, from legacy brands to digital-native startups, has set up a digital marketing team charged with pushing the envelope and driving growth. But competition for digital advertising clicks has never been more fierce, and costs are on the rise. Forbes analysis projects the global digital advertising spend will exceed $700 billion in 2022. With competition flooding digital advertising platforms, marketers who rely on digital advertising will have to work hard to make every ad dollar count.

So what sets successful growth marketers apart from those who struggle to gain traction? The most successful companies leverage a comprehensive and scalable digital marketing strategy to grow their business without blowing through their budgets. In this blog, we’ll offer four tips to implement growth marketing strategy at scale.

The difference in growth marketing

Growth marketing is the concept of guiding a potential customer through every funnel phase with content that makes the learning process run smoothly. In other words, it’s a strategic approach to marketing that focuses on acquiring and retaining customers. The goal is to increase revenue, attract and keep users, and expand brand awareness—all within a limited advertising budget.

The strategy primarily focuses on data analysis and campaign creation, pulling in information from other departments to drive success. Marketers can use these details to reach their goals by implementing tactical approaches that will result in more engaged users, elevating their campaigns to new heights. Growth marketing techniques include experimentation and data-driven decision-making, allowing marketers to reach their goals more tactically and analytically.

Tip #1: Keep an eye on data

Without data, it would be challenging to make smart decisions about what marketing channels to focus on and what content is most effective. But data isn’t only necessary at the decision-making stage—it also plays a role in executing those decisions.

Data is essential for growth marketing because it allows you to constantly test and optimize your campaigns. For example, let’s say you want to try a new marketing campaign on social media. You’ll need insights to determine which platform is most likely to reach your target audience. Once you’ve launched the campaign, use data to track its progress and see how it’s performing. Without data, you’re only guessing. And to succeed in the competitive field of marketing, you can’t afford to assume.

Look for ways to incorporate experimentation tools into your digital marketing stack. For example, it’s best to select a landing page solution with built-in experimentation tools, like A/B testing and multivariate testing. By cutting down on time spent collecting insights, growth marketers can move faster and operate at a greater scale by running and optimizing more personalized campaigns.

Tip #2: Partner with other teams within your organization

Many marketers rely on other teams within their company to help with growth marketing, leveraging their access to data that can help create new campaigns. The strategy primarily focuses on analysis and campaign creation, pulling in information from other departments to drive success.

Every department has a role in achieving company growth, from product development to customer support. Marketers can use this information to reach their goals by implementing tactical approaches that will result in more engaged users to bring more success to their campaigns. Product development, analytics, customer support, and even developers can track trends and offer valuable insights into how best to market a product. Using these insights, growth marketers can brainstorm new strategies and test them with pilot programs or experiments.

A more informed approach to marketing can lead to more engagement, downloads, and subscriptions. Growth marketing can be a company-wide effort—with company-wide benefits.

Tip #3: Personalize every ad campaign to a unique audience

Advertising personalization is a way to revolutionize your return on ad spend by targeting ads specifically to individuals. Platforms like Facebook and Google give marketers the opportunity to create highly specific audiences, and it’s become a best practice to personalize advertisements to their audiences with targeted copy and design.

By increasing their ads’ relevance, businesses can ensure their message resonates with the user, increasing the chances of conversion. Google and Facebook also reward relevant advertisements with better ad rankings—so more people see your ads—and lower cost-per-click—so your ad budget stretches further.

But that’s not all. By personalizing your landing pages toward your visitors’ interests, you can improve your landing pages’ attractiveness and conversion rate.

Tip #4: Relevant landing pages let you scale personalization faster

Conversion-focused landing pages are an essential part of growth marketing. A well-designed landing page can increase conversion rates by providing relevant information and making it easy to take action. By focusing on converting landing pages in your marketing campaigns, you can increase leads and sales for your business.

But building landing pages for every campaign takes more effort than most fast-growing businesses can spare. That’s why it’s most effective to leverage a landing page software like Instapage, so you can quickly build and optimize your campaign landing pages.

Even with a firm understanding of growth marketing, it can still be challenging to build, test, and optimize your campaigns. Instapage enables you to quickly and easily build personalized, reusable landing pages that incorporate sophisticated A/B testing to optimize your pages for their audiences.

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Hunter Sunrise

by Hunter Sunrise

As Senior Vice President of Marketing, Hunter’s day-to-day mission is to uncover opportunities for authentic connections and experiences. Using this lens, he has driven success across brand, content, omnichannel, GTM, and growth marketing initiatives for 20+ years.

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