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Google Ads Update: The New Conversions by Time Metric Provides More Accurate Reporting

by Fahad Muhammad in Advertising, Google Ads Instapage blog post featured image

Google Ads allows advertisers to access multiple metrics valuable for calculating business growth. The same is true for the “Conversions” column, which shows the number of conversions you’ve received, across conversion actions. Use the column to see how often ads led to customer actions that are valuable for your business.

The advertising giant announced a new reporting metric to provide advertisers access to even more granular conversion data. Introducing the conversions by time metric.

What is the new conversion by time metric?

The new Google Ads metric will give advertisers access to the exact date that a prospect converted.

Before the conversion by time metric, if a user converted via a paid search ad, advertisers could only view the date their ad was clicked, not the date someone converted. For instance, if a prospect clicked your online ad for fur boots last Monday, but didn’t actually purchase the boots until Wednesday, both the click and the conversion would be attributed to the date of the click.

The new reporting metric will clarify each action to show you more campaign insights. Under this metric, data is retroactive to March 2019.

Why the metric matters for search advertisers

You can now get a report on conversions and conversion values at the time they happened with the new columns. So, if a prospect clicked your SaaS free trial ad last Thursday but didn’t sign up for the offer until Monday, the metrics will show the conversion date as Monday. Before the update, the standard columns would have counted the conversion as Thursday when the ad was clicked.

There are six new columns in the reporting metric:

  • “Conversions (by conv. time)”
  • “Conv. value (by conv. time)”
  • “Value / Conv. (by conv. time)”
  • “All conv. (by conv. time)”
  • “All conv. value (by conv. time)”
  • “Value / all conv. (by conv. time)”

Google Ads conversions by time options

The columns help you understand conversions and make it easier to compare the data with your own numbers. For example, you can compare your data in Google Ads with your internal sales reports to confirm how many subscribers or new prospects you generated in a particular week or month.

Get more accurate conversion data today

Take advantage of the new metric to narrow in on conversion data and gain better insight into your ROAS and overall ROI of ad campaigns. With more accurate reporting, you can make more informed decisions in your paid search campaigns and iterate going forward.

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