Customized Landing Pages Matter: How The Vita Companies Increased Marketing Qualified Leads by 250%

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Not all post-click landing pages are the same. Take, for example, webinar and custom client post-click landing pages. Both require unique messaging and a premium level of customization to satisfy their respective conversion goals.

This was apparent with The Vita Companies, who used Instapage to successfully deploy fully customized post-click landing pages for both their lead generation and client engagement efforts.

The Vita Companies’ marketing needs

The Vita Companies is a full-spectrum professional brokerage firm in the employee benefits industry. The Vita Companies helps businesses craft the benefits packages and personal financial planning options that are best-suited for their customer’s workforce.

Vita depends on their educational webinars as the primary source for their lead generation efforts, but with minimal branding and no optimization on the registration web pages, registrations had plateaued. Potential customers weren’t clicking, and the company’s MQL database was at a low.

For Vita’s clients, the high volume of custom employee benefits collateral was difficult to keep updated and relevant. Vita found that their clients were not properly engaging with the collateral or the company’s brand.

Rethinking their marketing strategy

With unimpressive client engagement and low webinar registration numbers, Vita knew they needed to beef up their digital marketing strategy. Engaging audiences has become harder than ever, so Vita’s marketing team required a powerful post-click landing page solution that could effectively drive conversions and help retain existing clients.

Vita found their solution in Instapage.

The Vita Companies sees immediate success

After teaming with Instapage, Vita abandoned their generic registration pages and deployed unique post-click landing pages for each of their webinars. Potential registrants could find the post-click landing pages via search engine and engage with the content, which led to more conversions and higher quality leads.

Vita also saw their client engagement rates skyrocket. Using Instapage, they crafted fully customized post-click landing pages for their clients. Michael Muldoon, the Director of Marketing and Communications at The Vita Companies, explains the heightened level of customer engagement the company experienced using Instapage:

Communicating effectively with our clients’ employees is a crucial indicator of our success. Before Instapage, we would determine engagement with traditional polling. Now, I can see exact engagement metrics in real time. Not only has our engagement rate increased 220%, but our clients, and their employees, are infinitely happier.

The Vita Companies’ results

With 61 client post-click landing pages, 26 webinar post-click landing pages, and 23 single-event post-click landing pages created, published, and managed with Instapage, The Vita Companies have experienced impressive growth:

Follow Vita’s example

The Instapage benefit to The Vita Companies’ marketing efforts has been manifold. Marketing teams using webinars as a key driver of customer acquisition and teams looking to improve their client engagement efforts can use The Vita Companies as a model of success.

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