How Slack’s Landing Pages Help Power Their Unbelievable Growth

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With more than three-quarters of Fortune 100 companies using Slack, there’s no doubt that the brand is enjoying incredible success. In fact, Slack’s growth rate is “unheard of,” according to TechCrunch. In just one year, the company experienced 3.5x its amount of daily users (now 5 million) and paid accounts (now 1.5 million).

While this impressive expansion is certainly, in part, due to new technologies and capabilities – open communication channels, direct messaging, voice calls, video chats, etc. – that’s not all that’s contributed. Another factor that has played a substantial role in Slack’s massive growth is the company’s use of post-click landing pages to drive conversions and nurture prospects into paying customers.

Before we look at how Slack uses post-click landing pages, let’s start with a definition.

What is a post-click landing page?

A post-click landing page is a standalone web page that uses persuasive elements such as compelling headlines, engaging media, visual cues, and social proof to persuade visitors to convert on an offer. post-click landing page offers can be anything from account signups, live demos, webinar or event registrations, ebook or white paper downloads, and much more.

Knowing this, let’s begin with an example of how Slack is missing out on an opportunity to use post-click landing pages to gather email addresses.

Slack has an entire page of useful guides, from beginner guides to tricks and tips guides to department-specific guides:

Unfortunately, since none of these guides are gated behind post-click landing pages, the company passes up the chance to collect prospects’ valuable contact information with them.

But that’s not to say that Slack completely missed the post-click landing page memo. Remember, that’s part of the reason they’ve seen such great success since their launch in 2013.

So how does Slack use post-click landing pages to drive conversions? Here are a few ways:

Slack post-click landing page examples

(Keep in mind for shorter pages, we’ve shown the entire page, but for longer pages, we only displayed above the fold. You may need to click through to the page to see some of the points we discuss. Also, note that some pages may be undergoing A/B testing with an alternate version than is displayed below.)

1. To generate free account signups

Most companies that make use of post-click landing pages have created at least one page for generating account signups — and Slack is no different.

Here’s a Bing ad (after searching “slack trial”) that promotes Slack software and encourages visitors to sign up for a free account:

When users click the ad’s primary headline, they’re directed to this Slack post-click landing page that persuades visitors to sign up for a free account:

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

2. To encourage event registrations

In addition to running PPC ads on Google and Bing, Slack also promotes their offers on social media.

Take a look at this Tweet which Slack created to introduce their upcoming event, Frontiers — a two-day conference in San Francisco:

When users click the link in the post description, they are brought to this sales post-click landing page where they can learn about the event, and then click through to a registration page:

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

3. To offer investment funding

Slack partnered with several other well-known companies, like Accel and Spark Capital, to create The Slack Fund: an investment fund to support teams building products that enable more simple, pleasant, and productive workplaces. They promoted The Slack Fund at the bottom of several of their blog articles, like this:

When readers click “Apply to the Slack Fund” in the example above, they’re brought to this click-through page to apply for funding:

What the page does well:

What could be A/B tested:

Did these Slack post-click landing pages inspire you?

Although Slack may not use as many post-click landing pages as some of the other companies we’ve discussed in the past, it’s clear that they still understand the importance of post-click landing pages for obtaining email addresses and converting prospects into leads and even paying customers.

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