A Detailed Look at How Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Segments Paid Ads with Post-Click Experiences (4 Examples)

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With Presidential campaigns in full swing, candidates are doing everything they can to make a great impression with voters, gain trust, and earn votes. Not only are they doing this through the TV commercials we see daily, but with online ads, too.

For those ads to be successful, they must be segmented to specific audiences and connected to personalized post-click landing pages. When the same narrative is delivered from ad to page, user expectations are met and candidates establish credibility with voters. Enter Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg.

How Pete Buttigieg uses segmented ads & post-click landing pages

Example 1: Branded Google search ad

It’s evident the Pete Buttigieg campaign bids on his name because this ad appears with a Google search:

We can tell the ad is relevant to the search because:

Clicking the main headline goes to this signup page where the narrative continues:

Example 2: “Donate” extension

When prospects click the “Donate” link in the ad from Example 1, they’re directed to this post-click landing page:

Example 3: Facebook retargeting ad

In addition to paid search ads, Buttigieg targets Facebook ads to relevant users:

Clicking this ad takes prospects to another relevant post-click page:

Example 4: Instagram ad

Instagram ads like the one below are also part of Buttigiegs’s advertising campaign:

The ad begins a narrative about building an organization powered by regular people (not corporate PACs or federal lobbyists). Once clicked, prospects see this donation page where the story continues:

Compared to the Pete Buttigieg homepage experience

In contrast to the personalized post-click landing pages above — each with a 1:1 conversion ratioPete Buttigieg’s homepage isn’t nearly as focused. It offers a full browsing experience and comprehensive overview of everything he stands for:

Continue the narrative from ad to post-click landing page

By focusing all your attention on ads and ignoring the post-click landing page, you’re wasting ad clicks and budget. This is especially true in politics where you’re vying for people’s trust, loyalty, and votes.

Use Pete Buttigieg’s examples above as inspiration to ensure you don’t miss your opportunity to influence people and encourage action. Start telling the same story narrative across your pre- and post-click landing pages, and then request an Instapage Enterprise Demo to see how you can create dedicated post-click landing pages at scale for each audience.

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