How Lemonade Stand Increased Mobile Conversions by 215% Using Instapage

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When it comes to deploying PPC campaigns for clients, Lemonade Stand understands what it takes to both increase click-through rates and satisfy client needs.

The key is to build strategic campaigns around keyword-specific, message-matched landing pages. That’s why it was an easy decision when Lemonade Stand trusted Instapage for their clients’ PPC campaigns.

Lemonade Stand completes their marketing stack

Lemonade Stand is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in website development, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, analytics, and video production. The agency services clients in a wide range of industries, but when deploying PPC campaigns on their behalf, the objective is the same: maximize conversions and ROI.

With two clients onboarding simultaneously, both planning to spend a considerable amount of money on their PPC campaigns, Lemonade Stand felt the pressure to perform above client expectations. The team needed a landing page solution that would allow them to quickly and seamlessly build and customize landing pages at scale. After testing two competitors that only produced subpar results, Lemonade Stand turned to Instapage for its design-friendly features, mobile responsiveness, and ease-of-use.

Lemonade Stand maximizes client PPC campaigns

With Instapage, Lemonade Stand removed multiple design bottlenecks they had faced as they were deploying landing pages. This allowed them to maintain the high quality of service that their clients had come to expect while simultaneously focusing on generating positive results.

Lemonade Stand built multiple landing pages for their keywords in each Google Ads group and saw a significant increase in conversions across their client campaigns. Each additional point in Quality Score decreased Lemonade Stand’s cost per click by 16%.

Lemonade Stand wins new business

Client feedback to Lemonade Stand’s campaign performance was unanimously positive. Both existing and prospective clients witnessed how Lemonade Stand quickly created on-brand, conversion-ready landing pages from scratch.

Lemonade Stand incorporated these Instapage landing pages into their new business presentations, and that was enough to win new business for the team.

Lemonade Stand’s results

Selecting Instapage as their landing page platform of choice paid off in big ways for both Lemonade Stand and their clients.

Those impressive numbers only tell half the story, though. Since Instapage provided superior design functionality and ease-of-use, Lemonade Stand could more efficiently spend its time and resources on building high-performing landing pages at scale. The revenue generated by each campaign was even more profound due to reduced production costs, speed to market, and better allocation of employee resources.

Greg Trimble, Lemonade Stand’s founder and CEO, explains:

Instapage is perfect for an agency that wants to scale but does not have the resources to do it. Instapage has helped us get to a point where everyone on our team can produce landing pages that we use for live campaigns. The amount of money, stress, and time saved is a huge value to us.

Create exceptional results like Lemonade Stand

As a growing agency, it’s essential to be as efficient as possible with your marketing strategies and deploying PPC campaigns. Lemonade Stand partnering with Instapage is proof that marketers can build powerful, high-converting landing pages at scale without exhausting resources and budget.

Read the rest of the story here, then start creating your own landing pages that will satisfy your client needs with Instapage.