6 Hospitality Landing Page Examples That Will Make You Want to Vacation

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From hotels and resorts to airlines and other travel services, the main focus of every business in the hospitality industry is providing excellent customer service. Since most people who use these services do so because they want to — not because they have to — brand loyalty is essential. A great experience will keep customers coming back for more, while a bad experience might prevent them from ever returning.

Landing pages are pivotal in driving new business for hospitality marketers. By employing well-crafted landing pages, hospitality marketers can harness their potential to engage, inform, and persuade potential guests more effectively. These dedicated landing pages provide a focused and tailored experience, allowing marketers to align their content and design with specific promotional campaigns or offers. Unlike generic booking pages, landing pages enable marketers to emphasize key features, benefits, and unique selling points of their offerings in a visually appealing and digestible manner.

6 hospitality post-click landing page examples

Please note that for shorter examples, we’ve shown the entire page. However, for longer pages, we’ve only displayed above the fold. You may need to click through to each post-click landing page to see some of the points we discuss. Also, keep in mind that some of the companies listed may be A/B testing their page with an alternate version than the one displayed below.


To help you optimize your landing pages and achieve a higher return on ad spend (ROAS), we have distilled some critical takeaways from Rosewood Hotel’s successful approach. By incorporating these tactics into your hospitality campaigns, you can increase conversions and create a more impactful user experience.

Three of our favorite elements of the Rosewood Hotels Landing Page (and why you should add these elements to your own pages!)

The interior photos help draw the visitors in: Unlike the usual layout featuring a grid arrangement and a prominent “book now” button, Rosewood’s landing page greets visitors with captivating interior photographs. The page also presents essential information through a concise bulleted list that outlines the inclusions of the stay. In addition to these engaging elements, a noteworthy offer in the header is showcased – a complimentary third night.

Evocative copy entices visitors: The above-the-fold section uses phrases like “Indulge yourself in our authentic Hamman,” “Enjoy a day of shopping on Serrano Street,” and “Get to know the exquisite gastronomy of our Amós Restaurant”—these phrases conjure vibrant imagery, allowing visitors to envision themselves delighting in the rich offerings of Madrid.

By infusing the entire page with this evocative narrative, Rosewood Hotels goes beyond the limitations of a homepage or booking list, leveraging the power of copy to elevate the visitor experience and establish a strong emotional connection with the destination and its offerings.

The page includes the ability to review other related offers: The page provides below-the-fold options that feature comparable deals or alternative suites within the same hotel. This approach enables them to maintain the immersive essence of a landing page, distinct from a standard booking page, all while safeguarding against potential conversion losses. This way, even those seeking extended stays or accommodations in different parts of town can find relevant choices without compromising on user experience or conversions.

What could be A/B tested

Add a room or suite tour: A video tour can help guests form a more realistic expectation of their stay, fostering a stronger emotional connection and trust in the hotel’s offerings. This heightened transparency can lead to more qualified leads and bookings, as users who have a clearer understanding of what to expect are more likely to proceed with their reservations. A/B testing this change would allow Rosewood Hotels to gather empirical data on user behavior and preferences. They can analyze metrics like click-through rates, video engagement rates, and conversion rates to assess the effectiveness of the video tour. If the video tour yields positive results, it could signify a stronger resonance with users and an overall enhancement of the user experience.


It’s common for airlines to promote vacation package deals since many vacations require flying to the destination. American Airlines created the email campaign below — complete with an offer and airline post-click landing page — to promote their sale on beach vacation packages:

What the post-click landing page does well:

What could be changed or A/B tested:

Cruise ships

A cruise post-click landing page can serve a variety of different purposes, aside from just booking a cruise. For example, it can be used to offer a gated resource, such as a cruise guide, like Oceania Cruises does here:

What the post-click landing page does well:

What could be changed or A/B tested:

Cruise lines often work with other companies to offer unique promotions. In this example, Carnival teamed up with Barclays to offer a Carnival World Mastercard:

What the post-click landing page does well:

What could be changed or A/B tested:


Here’s another example where a hospitality business collaborates with a separate brand to create a promotional campaign. In this case, Amtrak and Rocketmiles created a travel rewards campaign. First the promotional email:

Then the post-click landing page that prospects are sent to:

What the post-click landing page does well:

What could be changed or A/B tested:


The resort post-click landing page below wasn’t created by a specific resort, but rather, by a full-service travel agency that books resort vacations. It was shown after clicking this Google Ad:

And includes this lightbox pop-up to get additional clicks/phone calls:

Here’s the post-click landing page itself:

What the post-click landing page does well:

What could be changed or A/B tested:

How will you set up your next hospitality post-click landing page?

The hospitality industry must ensure every customer is happy because brand loyalty is essential. Online, great customer service starts with the post-click landing page, as this is a prime opportunity to address a customer’s needs and convince them to take the desired conversion action.

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