Our Content Marketing Guide is Here: How to Create an Impactful Strategy

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Content marketing is a strategic approach centered around creating and distributing valuable assets such as blog articles, emails, ebooks, marketing podcasts, landing pages, and webinars to a targeted audience. The purpose of all these assets is to attract the target audience, retain their attention, and eventually drive them to take a desired action.

Getting started and maintaining a content marketing strategy can be tough, though. From developing buyer personas, to creating an editorial calendar, to using the right distribution channel, — it’s easy to get lost in all that’s needed to establish a successful strategy.

Not any more — today we’re introducing our newest guide, “What is Content Marketing?”, the only resource you’ll need to start creating effective content marketing campaigns.

The guide discusses:

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Chapter 1: What is Content Marketing?

The guide begins by defining the concept and why valuable content is necessary to communicate and establish relationships with prospects. Also discussed are the different content assets used in successful campaigns, such as ebooks, webinars, emails, post-click landing pages, and influencer marketing. How to create buyer personas, understanding customer journeys, and two of the most popular content marketing frameworks are also included in this opening chapter.

Chapter 2: How Do You Create a Content Marketing Strategy?

Creating a content marketing strategy enables you to plan, execute, and iterate the types of content you need to create effective campaigns. The chapter discusses the four steps needed to create a documented content marketing strategy in light of metrics that track campaign performance.

Chapter 3: Why Content Engineering is the Future of Content Marketing

The future of content marketing rests with marketers who not only create content that’s best suited for their target audience, but also adapt and personalize that content to serve customers on a variety of platforms and technologies. Chapter 3 discusses how content engineering helps marketers create content relationships and determine the best process for transforming content for the most appropriate platform.

Chapter 4: How to Create a Content Distribution Strategy

With an effective distribution strategy in place you can build and strengthen relationships with your target audience and eventually lead them to take the desired action. The chapter includes the three types of content distribution channels that make up the content distribution trifecta.

Chapter 5: The Importance of Design in Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing isn’t just about the words — design and visuals are just as important for content marketing success. This final chapter explains the essentials that make up good web design and their importance in creating content assets.

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When planned and executed properly, a content marketing strategy can grow your business by engaging audiences with content assets they appreciate on the channels they use most often. We’re confident this complete guide will help you plan, execute, analyze, and iterate a successful strategy to fit your audience. Share the guide with your team and use the examples therein as references to build your most effective strategy, starting today.

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