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We’re Live: Our Marketing Podcast Hits the Airwaves!

by Saranya Babu in Instapage Updates This picture shows the new Instapage marketing podcast featuring CMOs, VPs, and name brand agency guests discussing the latest trends.

Advertising personalization is about much more than spending dollars on paid media. It’s about breaking through the noise to build respected brands and successful businesses and deliver value to your target personas.

The digital advertising industry has changed dramatically in the past few years, and nobody understands these changes better than the experts who have lived through it.

We’ve assembled the best in the business from leading companies in Silicon Valley and beyond to share their stories of success and failure while navigating a rapidly changing landscape. Our roster features CMOs, VPs, Venture Capitalists and other marketing thought leaders.

The Instapage new flagship podcast, Advertising Influencers, gets to core of the macro trends affecting digital marketing from experts with a comprehensive view of the changing marketing landscape:

This picture shows the Instapage podcast "Advertising Influencers" featuring leading tech companies, CMOs, VPs, and venture capitalists.

Our goal at Instapage is to continually lower the cost of customer acquisition. We believe the best way to do this is with a personalized message-matched post-click landing page as a natural extension of every advertisement.

As an extension of that goal, we hope to inspire new thoughts and ideas for the personalization of your advertising campaigns. In addition, we want to show you how to break through the noise of generic one-size-fits-all advertising to provide your audiences with services that they can use.

Here is an example of some of the macro-trends discussed in the first four episodes.

Episode 1: The Possibilities of Advertising Personalization

Episode 1 features Tyson Quick, our founder and CEO here at Instapage. As a lifelong marketer who has dedicated his career to creating value for other marketing strategists and practitioners, Tyson shares stories and inspiration behind Instapage. He also discusses how advertising personalization allows marketers to create more value for their personas.

This picture shows marketers the Instapage marketing podcast featuring Tyson Quick discussing advertising personalization.

Episode 2: The Value of Playing the Long Game

Digital advertising is not only for quick wins. It’s an essential part of your long-term strategy in conjunction with the rest of your growth channels.

Andrew Dumont, VP of Marketing at Bitly, has been on the front lines of digital marketing for the past ten years with companies like Moz and as the entrepreneur in residence at Betaworks, the startup studio behind companies like Digg and Giphy. He was also featured in Forbes 30 under 30 in 2014.

In episode 2, Andrew discusses the importance of sophistication to your marketing campaigns, and the current challenges Bitly faces as it promotes its new software solution to an enterprise audience.

Episode 3: The Power of Sequential Advertising

Acquiring eight million active users isn’t something that happens without extensive testing, quality content, digital advertising, and a deep understanding of modern marketing methodologies. That’s exactly what Yuriy Timen, Head of Growth and Marketing at Grammarly, shares with us as our guest in episode three.

With Yuriy’s expertise, Grammarly bootstrapped its way to becoming one of the most popular and perhaps the fastest growing Google Chrome extensions.

Yuriy also discusses how Grammarly balances feature-focused messaging with aspirational value propositions in different stages of their acquisition funnel.

Episode 4: Post-Acquisition Personalization

Advertising personalization is important to demonstrating a UVP for your target personas to increasing your conversion rates and your paid media’s ROI. However, maintaining that personalization throughout your funnel and into the product will also improve the customer journey experience and ultimately generate revenue.

Our fourth guest is Guillaume Cabane, VP of Growth at Segment, a company that makes marketing personalization through the granular use of data possible in a scalable way. He is also a B2B marketing master having worked for Apple and has an incredibly deep understanding of the degree to which customer segmentation can be utilized within a SaaS organization.

The conversation features his thoughts on Segment’s u-shaped attribution model and a potential solution to the challenges of multi-touch attribution and reliable view through rates.

Episode 5: Using Your Ad Budget Responsibly

With fifteen years of marketing experience in San Francisco, Zack Onisko is a veteran of the broader Silicon Valley growth marketing community. His resume includes multiple successful acquisitions and is especially well versed in using growth channels that don’t scale as a means to get initial traction.

Zack currently works for Hired as their VP of Growth overseeing the marketing efforts that supplement their robust paid acquisition strategy. This strategy drives many of their sign ups for both candidates and recruiters on the technology career recruitment platform.

Listen on Your Favorite Podcasting App

New interviews are available every Monday on our website and through your favorite podcasting app including iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, TuneIn, Sound Cloud, and Google Play. We’d love to hear your feedback and encourage you to leave comments below or on each episode page.

If you have any feedback or would like to continue the conversation from each episode, please feel free to email me.

Happy listening!

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