Branded Email Notifications: Your Brand Deserves a Little Extra Attention

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It’s taken some time, but you’ve got your agency in a good place. To do this you’ve avoided the primary reasons agencies don’t get hired and you’re diligently practicing some (if not all) of the techniques you need to get clients to pay you what you’re worth.

Not being one to rest on your laurels you’re thinking to yourself, “what else can I do to add value to my brand?”

The first idea, creating a gold-plated version of your logo, seemed like a good one at first, but on second thought… It got you thinking more about your brand. So you start poking around and you notice that you’re missing out on branding opportunities.

Like your notification emails.

Every time you send an email notification to clients, you want it to reflect a professional image and for the recipients to be excited to hear from you. And, because you’re building such awesome post-click landing pages for them, you’re probably sending lead notifications a lot. It’s at this point you decide you want to start sending clients email notifications that reinforce your brand.

For this reason Instapage now allows Team & Agency and Enterprise customers to easily send branded email notifications to clients.

Until now, only “Instapage branded” email notifications were available to inform you when you received a new lead — no doubt a valuable feature. But if you’re an agency or consultant that manages client post-click landing pages, don’t you want to take credit for each post-click landing page conversion?

What are branded email notifications?

Branded emails are automated notifications that let your clients know they just received a new lead. They also confirm to clients (and your agency) the post-click landing page you built is working!

Similar to major email marketing services, this new feature allows users to:

For advanced users comfortable with HTML, you can modify our standard email template code, or upload your own custom HTML file.

Who would use them?

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business, our standard email notifications are more applicable because those business types are likely not passing off leads to another party.

If you’re an agency or consultant, however, branded emails are your newest customizable option within the Instapage platform. This is because agencies and consultants manage post-click landing page campaigns that are not their own.

Consider this scenario…

You’re an agency managing 100 different post-click landing pages for 10 separate clients. Every time your client’s page converts, you can (automatically) send them an email (branded with your agency) that says they just received a new lead. From the client’s perspective, they think, “leads equals money.” But they also think, “Wow! Every time one of my post-click landing pages converts, the agency sends me an email right away so that I can follow up on the lead… This is important because leads in our line of work are very time sensitive and I appreciate the immediate notification.”

It’s that kind of personal service your client appreciates that keep them loyal to you (while keeping your retention rate higher).

Why would you use branded emails?

They help establish a strong rapport with clients and your brand because the emails come from you.

Branded emails add extra value for your end clients because they can take action on fresh leads in real time. You control the post-click landing page, your client controls how they follow up with those leads. Furthermore, these automated emails let clients know you are being proactive with their leads and care about the success of their business.

When are branded emails sent?

Just like our standard email notifications, branded email notifications are sent to the recipient you define as soon as their page receives a new lead!

How do you set up branded emails with Instapage?

Once you’re signed into your Instapage account, click on the “Leads” button for the page you want to setup email notifications:

Now in the leads dashboard, click on “Setup Notifications” in the top left corner:

This will bring you to the screen where you can customize the recipient’s email address and toggle from the Instapage brand style to your brand’s style:

Once you’ve selected “My Brand” you can enter the from name, reply to address, and subject line:

This is also where you can upload your logo and custom HTML, if you have it:

Click “Preview and Test” to confirm the information is correct and then click “save:”

And that’s it, you’re done! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for an Instapage Enterprise demo today.

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