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What is a Squeeze Page?

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How is a Squeeze Page Different from a Homepage?

Your homepage is usually the main page and is generally very “busy” because you present all of your products and services on a single page. Your homepage is designed for the purpose of educating your potential customers about everything that your product/service can do.

On the other hand, a squeeze page is designed with one specific goal in mind — to capture names and email addresses while building your subscriber list. Squeeze pages can, however, be utilized on homepages in the form of pop-ups or headers. post-click landing pages are never a part of the primary website, and this is the one foundational difference that separates these two kinds of pages from one another.

Featured below is the Copy Hackers website, of which you will see two different “squeeze variations” for Joanna Wiebe’s free “Persuasion Guide”:

Copy Hackers Squeeze Page Example

The first squeeze variation is apparent as you scroll down the page. The second variation pops up when you click the button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Both are promoting the same guide in two different ways: The button in the bottom left is subtle, the other is more direct.

Here’s the first variation:

Copy Hackers Squeeze Page Version 1

Here’s how the second variation looks when you click the button in the bottom left corner:

Copy Hackers Squeeze Page Version 2

The pop-up variation is designed in a completely different way. It’s more colorful, more visually appealing, is the main focus of the page, and even has an additional form field than the other squeeze version. However, in the end, both pages are promoting the same offer and have the same goal.

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