How Do I Create a Sales Page? - Instapage Guide

What is a Sales Page?

Chapter 5

How Do I Create a Sales Page?

There are two main options when it comes to creating sales pages; you can either:

  1. Hire expensive designers and developers to design and code the page for you
  2. Choose the do-it-yourself option and create your page yourself using an easy, powerful landing page platform like Instapage.

Instapage offers you the opportunity to create your landing pages without any design or coding experience. Simply:

  1. Select a template from our vast array of free templates
  2. Customize the page to your liking
  3. Integrate with other applications
  4. Publish to the web

Creating a sales page becomes extremely easy when you have the right software by your side and pre-optimized templates — that’s what Instapage has to offer.

Landing Page Templates on Instapage

Edit and customize the template in the easy-to-use, designer-friendly builder and click “publish.”

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