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What is a Sales Page?

Chapter 3

What Do I Include on My Sales Page?

To see what you need to include on your long-form sales page (or sales letter) let’s look at Brandgasm 101’s sales page and break down the page elements.


The Brandgasm sales page has a longer headline than a typical post-click landing page. Your sales letter headline needs to be a bit longer than a typical post-click landing page because the sales letter is like a pitch and you need to really “hook” your visitors. This is achieved with an explanatory headline, which has the UVP (Unique Selling Proposition) to convince visitors to keep reading the page:

Brandgasm Sales Page Headline Example


The copy is the hero of the long-form sales page, i.e. it is the element you need to focus on the most. If your copy is not on point, you might as well skip creating a sales page at all.

Because the sales page is lengthy, the copy needs to be broken down to enhance readability. It’s good to arrange your copy in short paragraphs and bullet points where necessary. It also works well when the copy is differentiated from other page elements (like Brandgasm 101 did with quotes in special boxes).

Brandgasm Sales Page Copy Example

CTA Button

There should be multiple CTA buttons on your sales page. You can’t expect your visitors to scroll and find your main CTA button after they’re done reading everything on your page. This is why it’s a good idea to place multiple CTA buttons throughout the page. Visitors can just click the button where they feel the most convinced.

Your button needs to use a contrasting color and should have actionable copy on it. The Brandgasm 101 CTA button could be more contrasting, but what it’s really lacking is personalized copy.

Brandgasm Sales Page CTA Button Example

About Us

It’s good to have an “About Us” section on your sales page to boost credibility and make your offer more humanistic:

Brandgasm Sales Page About Us Example


It’s also necessary to include testimonials of your past clients to assure your visitors the product they’re about to invest in has already proven useful to others. The same is true for customer badges and logos of companies where your product has been featured:

Brandgasm Sales Page Testimonials Example


Feature a video that helps explain what your product does:

Brandgasm Sales Page Video Example

Remove Navigation Links

Just like post-click landing pages, navigation links should be removed from sales pages. You spent so much time designing and writing copy for your long-form page, why would you provide options for visitors to leave?

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